Rabu, 13 Mei 2009

What you missed last night beacuse the warning of "drowsiness" on your Percocet label is legit

Bruins beat the Hurricanes, 4-2 (series ties 3-3): I read this somewhere already, but if you were a Bruin last night and wanted to score, you just had to have your stick on the ice. The passing was superb. Whether it was Bergergon fighting off a backchecker on the first goal or Lucic's great look or Krejci sweet touch pass or Bergeron (again) extracting DNA - the Bruins were playing some great hockey.

Ducks beat the Red Wings, 2-1 (series 3-3): I'm pissed that I slept through the end of this game. Nice little animosity to take into game 7. I still hope the the Red Wings win, just for the rivalry aspects of playing the Hawks.

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