Kamis, 21 Mei 2009

I don't know

I really have nothing to talk about today.

- I want to sit down and write a post thanking the Boston Bruins for one of the most enjoyable seasons in a while but I'm afraid I don't have that shot in my bag. Usually when I write I blurt out anything that's on my mind. I'm afraid if I really tried to say thanks it would fall flat on its face. This year's team deserves a little more than that.

- As you may know young Bress broke two bones in his leg in an ugly affair. The picture above shows his latest xray with the metal rod. Bress, being the trooper he is, has been handling the injury and pain as well as any active 26 year old possibly could. He's healing over at his girlfriend's apartment because his 5th floor walkup isn't handicap accessible. Poor Bress is at the mercy of his girlfriend when it comes to the remote control. While the Hawks and Wings went into overtime he was forced to watch the game during Dancing with the Stars commercials. Other than that he is doing well and his beard is coming in nicely. As soon as he doesn't have to keep his foot elevated it will be hanging off a barstool at the Tavern.

- My girlfriend doesn't mind me walking around in hockey sweaters but she made me wash my Bourque jersey the other day because I stunk.

- W24st street between 6th and 8th Avenue is the nicest street for rollerblading in NYC. Go against traffic on that mufu and you have a smooth road with a sneaky downhill lie. Don't keep going through 8th ave because you'll end up in an episode of Law and Order.

- Why did I hear the linesmen in Sunday's Det/Chi game on NBC screaming when plays weren't offside. Has this always gone on and I just never noticed it? What were they even yelling? "Good"? I'm confused.

- During the next NBC game I'm watching with a pen and paper and keep tabs of the number of times Pierre McGuire says "Edzo". For some reason "Edzo" drives me crazy.

- I was not picking my nose in the pictures Scotty put up in the post below. I do pick my nose constantly but he didn't catch me there.

- Scotty had a one-timer in mens league last night that was so violently hard. He was on the doorstep point blank and he put EVERYTHING into this shot. No hands just brute force Edzo trauma. In the 3rd period he rattled off a random Seinfeld line on the bench out of nowhere. For that he got the game puck.

- Does anyone have an old pair of goalie skates they no longer use and can send us? I need to conduct an experiment. I'm being serious so send us an email.

- I am enjoying watching the playoffs even though the Bruins fell down and I no longer have skin in the game. I'd watch a few hours of shinny if I had some cocktails.

- Yeah. Edzo.

- People keep asking me what "1,000" means. Without being too esoteric, 1,000 means everything. Sometimes we get to using words or phrases and they morph into everything and nothing all at the same time. So I'm not even sure what "1,000" means anymore. It could mean anything and it depends on the context. Hope that cleared things up.

- My hockey dream usually has me as a 4th line crash winger because I know I am too small to be a defenseman and not good enough to be a 1st line center. But why? It's my dream. Why can't I put reality aside for my dream and really explore the space? I don't fuck the halfwit chick that rings up my morning Cheerios in my dreams, I dream about celebrity skin. So why can't I imagine myself as Mario Lemieux and not Ken Linseman?

- I really want a 1990s black LA Kings jersey but am unsure what name and number to get. 99? Honestly, I dunno if I can pull that one off. McSoreley? Again not sure if that one really fits. There hasn't been a player in the Kings organization that I really identify with. But the sweater is sick.

- Guerin goes for Game 2 tonight.

- Edzo

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