Jumat, 29 Mei 2009


Thank god that the Finals can start this weekend and we don't have to sit through the dreaded bye-week.

I don't care about Marian Hossa. He's been mostly invisible this post season except for one game. Either he'll make a difference or he'll completely shirk, because he's embarrassed that he's facing the team he dissed.

Although the Pens team has changed more than the Wings from last year, its like they also got Malkin back who sucked in the playoffs in 08.

If the Wings win, wouldn't Osgood get the Conn Smythe. Maybe regardless of the winner the Conn Smythe will go to either Crosby or Malkin.

Let's get it on!

Its hard to go against the Wings, but with Malkin grooving and the Wings sneaky banged up, I'm taking the Penguins in 6.


Make your pick in the comments. Here are the leaders:

Bress – 53

Cornelius– 51

Nemmy – 42

Alex – 74

Moe –41

Heals – 46

Brando – 41

Mac – 43

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