Jumat, 01 Mei 2009

Back to Work

Yikes. Apparently the only hole in the Bruins lineup is Marc Savard's beard. Savvy is one of the most gifted passers in the league but has a playoff beard that looks like Bressler's lower back (minus the tribal tramp stamp). Should I give him shit for the Michael Jackson facial hair or do I appreciate the fact that he's giving it everything he has? I'm not sure.

Huge game tonight with the Bruins hosting the Whale. Hopefully the layoff made the Bruins hungrier and they'll have a first period like Vancouver had last night.

You know what I was thinking about? After the Flyers were eliminated last week I politely waited a day or so to text our buddy, and Flyer fan, Matty to give my condolences. He said something to the fact that he was upset that he felt as though he wanted it more than most of the guys on the roster.

My stomach hurt when I thought about that. I know the feeling of wanting to win more than the guys you cheer for and it's the fucking worst. It's the reason why the overpaid Mets always break my heart and why I've fallen out of love with the Knicks. I'm sure it's a big reason why some people prefer college athletics to their professional counterparts.

I don't ask for much as a fan. I know my teams can't win every loose puck or always make the postseason. All I want is to root for a team that wants to win as much as I do. I cheer and worry and yell and scream and I want to be rewarded by having my team compete every shift, every night.

That's why I love this Boston squad as much as any other season's roster. Yes they've been wildly successful in the regular season and recently bounced the Canadiens in 4 but it's the effort, intensity and compete level that really make me proud. Everyone blocks shots, everyone finishes checks and everyone wants it. Up and down the roster you have guys that scratch and claw and make their fans proud. Tim Thomas looks funny hurling himself at pucks but the man has never given up on a play. The way he jets off the ice after giving up a walk-off goal? Yeah, that's how I look after they lose too. I love that about him.

Anything short of the Cup would be a letdown for this Boston team. I'll will suck if they don't get there but I know they'll stay in the hunt. Because, fuck it, if they lose I know they'll go down swinging. That's been this team's calling card all year and we even saw it in the way they hung tough in last year's postseason. Win or lose they make me proud.

Game 1 is tonight at 7:30.

Not without a fight.

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Have a great weekend and thanks to Cornelius and his fantastic site for letting me steal that picture of Savard's lesbian beard.

- Nemmy

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