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Billy Guerin on SNL?

Last night Jon Hamm hosted SNL. Are we the only ones who think that his character in the closet organizer sketch was sneaky modelled after the 1995 Billy Guerin?


- Nemmy

Jumat, 29 Januari 2010

What you missed last night because you were taking advantage of Restaurant Week

Blues beat the Oilers, 2-1:
Short side goals are not
acceptable. The Oilers
should get demoted.

Senators beat the Penguins, 4-1
Malkin went high glove
and then Elliot said, "no
more." Fleury was soft.

Coyotes beat the Flames in the shoot-out, 3-2
At least in the next
Battle of Alberta one
team will have to win.

Hawks beat the Sharks in OT, 4-3:
I feel like this game
is a metaphor for the
Sharks in the play-offs.

Wild shut-out the Avalanche, 1-0:
What a great play for
the game-winning goal. Perfect
drop pass to Havlat

Thrashers come back to beat the Flyers, 4-3
Claude Giroux had a
sick goal, but no one cares when
you lose. No one. no.

Hurricanes beat the Islanders, 4-1:
So the Isles
suck again and the Canes are
hot. The world makes sense.

Kamis, 28 Januari 2010

What you missed last night while you were trying to mediate the Jersey Shore-MTV salary negotiations

Canucks beat the Blues, 3-2: The Canucks start a thousand game road trip because of the Olympics soon. They are playing extremely well right now. The Canucks showed some depth, that Kesler and Raymond scored.

Stars beat the Flames in the shoot-out, 4-3: Iginla wanted to fight in the first period but Ott wouldn't oblige. Later Nystrom somehow picked a fight with Frist. And then the Flames lost again.

Lightning shut-out the Canadiens, 3-0
: How did all of Victor Hedman's equipment come off?

Hurricanes beat the Rangers, 5-1
: Good news for the Rangers, they scored! Bad news for the Rangers, Lundqvist is looking terrible.

Capitals beat the Ducks, 5-1: The Caps offense was flying the entire game, so Giggy actually played well for 2 periods. There were so many good goals: Ovy walking around Niedermayer, Backstrom's sick pass and then shot from Semin on the last goal.

Wild beat the Red Wings, 5-2
: There were 3 goals in like 2 minutes in the 2nd period. Osgood was not looking too good last night either. Does Annti Mietinnen have a brother named Prroe?

Sabres beat the Devils in the shoot-out, 2-1
: I like how in the shoot-out Americans went against Miller. However, Parise and Langenbrunner were stopped by their February teammate.

Rabu, 27 Januari 2010

What you missed last night while you were catching up on Lost in preparation for next week's premiere

Capitals beat the Islanders, 7-2: You know its a bad night for your team when Brooks Laich is splitting the D and scoring top cheese.

Blackhawks beat the Oilers, 4-2
: You know its a bad night for the Oilers, when John Toews scores 40seconds in on a relatively pedestrian shot.

Kings beat the Leafs, 5-2
: You know its a bad night for the Leafs, when Ryan Smyth is scoring high glove on mid-range wrist shots.

Panthers beat the Canadiens, 2-1
: You know its a bad night for the Canadiens when they only put 16 shots on Vokoun. Usually, thats just the first period for him.

Coyotes beat the Red Wings in OT, 5-4: You know its a bad night for the Red Wings, when they can't hold a 2 goal lead with less than 5 minutes left. Against the Coyotes.

Thrashers beat the Ducks, 2-1
: You know its a bad night for the Ducks, when they can't be the Thrashers.

BJs beat the Predators, 3-2
: You know its a good night for the Jackets, when Mason isn't pulled.

Topless Photos

Unfortunately the only people topless are Pat Kane and John Madden.

In case you haven't seen these already please visit: The Orland Kurtenblog.

That's it.

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Have you ever scored on the backhand? Are you a goalie that gave up a backhand? Do you have a story to tell? Email us: the2manadvantage@gmail.com

We're looking for backhand stories. beer league, midget, semi-pro, mite house league, pond hockey, broom hockey, street hockey, ANYTHING. Send us your backhand stories.


We're planning something. Stay tuned.

- Nemmy
Blues shut-out the Flames, 2-0: Cam Janssen fought twice. Which was nice. I bet the Flames have a fight at practice today.

Canucks beat the Sabres, 3-2
: I have to imagine that Brad Lukowich called for the puck right before Sedin made that silly drop pass. Otherwise I have no idea how Daniel could have "seen" him and left it.

Penguins beat the Rangers, 4-2: Well the good news for the Rangers is that they scored. The bad news is that they let a kid called up from the AHL score twice. Both goals were on bad angles and beat Lundqvist short-side.

Senin, 25 Januari 2010

Ship B Sinking

Watching the Boston Bruins play this weekend killed any part of me that thought this team could make a run at the cup.

In 2 must win games they looked indifferent against the Senators and got smoked by the Hurricanes. Wideman can't hit the net or put a pass together. Chara hasn't brought any physical edge. Thomas is trying to do too much. Krejci is sleepwalking. Bergeron is the only one who is breaking a sweat. Not one Bruin forward sent a puck deep, not one Bruin defenseman put together a clean D-to-D pass, not one Bruin defenseman held the blue line during whatever offensive burst the Bruins could muster, not one Bruin forward beat his man to the puck, not one defenseman picked up a body in front of his net, and there wasn't one second of aggression from anyone on the roster. No fights, no scrums NOTHING. Forget about blocking shots! If it wasn't for Kathryn Tappen's breasts all would be lost. Thanks for showing up.

The Bruins are now in a log jam to sneak into the playoffs but in reality they aren't even in the conversation. It doesn't matter that we have 30+ games to play or that Savard returns or maybe that Begin, Bitz and Sturm are getting healthy. To be completely honest, if you are waiting for Steve Begin and Byron Bitz to come back to add a spark to your lineup then I don't know what to tell you. And don't tell me that Sturm will return and get paired with Savard to regain his scoring touch - we've been through that before.

The only thing the Bruins have going for them is that the rest of the teams involved in the race are whatever. But the Bruins don't deserve it. They don't play with heart and refuse to do the necessary things that winning teams do. The Islanders don't wow anyone with their lineup but those guys play balls out. I'm ready to see what picks the Bruins get this summer.

But I'm not giving up hope yet (because I'm a RETARD!).

How soon until the Olympics?

- Nemmy

Weekend Wrap Up OR "Wheeling it" means trying to take a girl home

The Oilers cannot catch a break. Friday night, Sam Gagner ties it up with a little over a minuter remaining. And fans start thinking, maybe, just maybe, this will get the Oil some much needed confidence. Nope. Because James Neal won the game for the Stars. In regulation.

The Rangers got shut out. Again. On Saturday. There were some nice goals from Canadiens. Cammalleri score 2, high glove. But my favorites are this tip from Poulet

And this sill backhand from Plekanic:

Daniel Carcillo, showing flashes of offense against the Hurricanes:

Tim Thomas always gives full effort, but sometimes, he looks patently ridiculous:

Maybe he should have just covered that puck up.

What did I miss?


Jumat, 22 Januari 2010



Which picture is Sheriff Shane Hnidy of the Wild and which of of Sully Erna of the band Godsmack?

Just so you're not confused, the above is a picture of Tom Skerritt.

Have a great weekend.

- Nemmy

What you missed last night while watching, hopefully, the final episode ever of the jersey shore

There were a lot of games last night. some haikus might be better than others. lets go!

Blackhawks beat the Flames, 3-1:
Only Kipper seems
to want to win. The rest of
the Flames just plain sucked.

Lightning beat the Leafs in OT, 3-2:
Matt Walker had to
fight twice in the first. He knocked
out Rosehill, tied Orr.

Canucks beat the Stars, 4-3:
Alex Auld tried to
toe-drag Burrows and failed. Is
Turco teaching him?

Senators beat the Blues, 3-2
The Senators are
the hottest team right now. What if
they had goaltending?

Capitals beat the Penguins, 6-3
Ovy scores, Sid scores
whatever. This game sucked
I will care in May

Kings beat the Sabres in the shoot-out, 4-3:
All the Sabres must
hate going back home after
being in SoCal.

Sharks beat the Ducks, 3-1:
Now the Sharks have a
three game winning streak, where they've
outscored others a lot.

Coyotes beat the Predators, 4-2:
Both teams have heads
as logos. Only one team
has Upshall with 3.

Red Wings beat the Wild in the shoot-out, 4-3
Datsyuk's breakaway
pass to Big Bert was perfect.
Backhand, weighted. Yes!

Hurricanes win over the Thrashers, 5-3:
The C does not weigh
Stall down. A trick and a win
for his first game. Nice!

Islanders beat the Panthers in the shoot-out, 2-1:
Best shift of the night
led to the Isles goal. Hit,
cycle, pass, shoot, score!

BJs beat the Bruins, 3-2:
Lucic was back, but
cost his team with a late high
stick. Tough loss, Bruins.

Flyers shut-out the Rangers, 2-0
Hey Torts, Gabby dropped
his gloves first, so just shut up
about honor, dick.

Kamis, 21 Januari 2010

What you missed last night while watching the underwhelming CHL Prospects game

Devils shut-out the Panthers, 2-0: Marty Brodeur is a machine. Another shut-out, just making that record impossible to break. Also, has Dean McAmmond ever skated so hard in life to get an empty netter with no time remaing?

Blues beat the Canadiens in OT, 4-3: Darren Pang is the most homer color guy, ever. I kind of like it. After Cam Janssen ran over/jumped on Price, Pang, a former tender, of course defended Janssen. I loved Price trying pull his own man off Janssen so he could fight him. Anyway, Andy MacDonald had sweet wrister, high blocker, for the game-winner.

Canucks beat the Oilers in OT, 3-2: The call on Grebeshkov that gave the Canucks an overtime powerplay was terrible. The Canucks dominated the face-off dot during power plays all night and that led, surprise surprise, to the game winning goal.

Guerin's Stache


Saw this pic on thepensblog. Black just keeps getting stronger. Now that he has the stache I vote to bounce Phil Kessel from the Olympic team to get him on the roster. We need this in Vancouver.

That Islander trade has been a complete home run for the Pens. We called it. Guerin was the mayor and now he has a mustache. Hang on tight, we're in uncharted territory.

Did I mention that we called it?

- Nemmy

Rabu, 20 Januari 2010

What you missed last night while your were playing FIFA 2010

Penguins beat the Islanders, 6-4: Even though the Isles lost, I'm glad that Malkin got out of his slump. It was a good attempt at a comeback by the Islanders, that was finally halted when Sutton hit Dupuis from behind. 5 and a game should be enough. Butch Goring was totally wrong, say Dupuis put himself in that position - its call protecting the puck and in every sport and forever in hockey, you put your body between the man and puck (or ball or whatever). If Okposo had scored on any of his 3 breakaways its a different game, but Brent Johnson stood tall or was long or whatever.

Thrashers beat the Maple Leafs, 4-3: Kovalchuk just rips slap shots. Seriously, he can do it from anywhere. And somehow, even though he has a full wind, it also counts a quick release.

Senators beat the Hawks, 4-1
: Marian Hossa walked in on a breakaway and blew a slap shot by Brian Elliot. Elliot reacted like I do when I play roller hockey goalie and Zimm tears one at my head. That wasn't the nicest goal of the night though. The toe drag move-to-wrap around from Pat Regin was superb.

Rangers beat the Lightning, 8-2
: Marion Gaborik did NOT have all 8 goals. Benson sent along this quote summarizing this game. I'm assuming its from Rick Tocchet, "The bus driver was the best thing we had.” I like Aaron Voros. The guy has been healthy scratch since last March. He gets in the line up and fights. Twice.

Flyers beat the BJs, 5-3: Jeff Carter's backhand is so good, he should just stop taking wrist shots.

Capitals beat the Red Wings, 3-2: Its like every game the Caps get scoring help from some one else. Last night it was David Steckel (jew?)

Ducks beat the Sabres, 5-4
: The Ducks were up 4-0 in the first period, chased Lalime and and .... barely won this game.

Sharks beat the Kings, 4-1
: Easy stat that will definitely be used during the next Sharks pre-game show: In the past 2 games the Sharks have outscored opponents, 14 to 2.

Selasa, 19 Januari 2010


Since when does Rick Nash have 400 goals?

NBC sucks but nobody's perfect.

- Nemmy

3-day Weekend Wrap Up OR Is Winter over? What the hell is up with this weather

Friday night Ovechkin had 5 points (a goal and 2 assists), Sunday Ovechkin had only 2 points (a goal and assist), but his goal was on a penalty shot, which is always cool and what Ovy has sometimes sucked at.

Rick Dipietro is back for the Islanders. He won Saturday and shut the Devils out on Monday. Thats the first time the Devils have been shut-out all season. Of the 6 goals the Isles scored this weekend. This was my favorite:

Speaking of slap-passes, Daniel Alfredsson had a hat-trick against the Bruins.Here's, obviously, my favorite:

Ok, its a slap-pass at all, just a great look from Kuba and tip by Alfie.

If you watched NBC's first non-winter-classic game of the season, you know they still have some kinks to work out:

What the hell?

but, if you stuck around you also got to see this sweetness in the shoot-out:

and there was also a pretty good fight:

What did I miss?


Rabu, 13 Januari 2010

What you missed last night while you were making sure all your relatives in Haiti were safe

Hurricanes beat the Leafs, 4-2: Eric Staal scored a sweet backhand five-hole goal. Where have you been all season? Nikolei Kulemein scored the goal of the game cutting between, maybe 3, Canes defenders and beating Cam Ward.

Predators beat the Oilers, 5-3
: All the Oilers have to do for the rest of the season is get rid of cap hits (Souray) and decide whether to draft, Hall, Seguin, or Fowler. (When in doubt take the western canadien kid).

Thrashers beat the Senators, 6-1
: Somehow, Ottawa is still in play-off contention. The only game I remember them winning is when Kovalev had 4 goals.

Sharks beat the Coyotes, 3-1: Marleau is stil the man in San Jose.

Islanders shut-out the Red Wings, 6-0
: As an Islanders fan, that was fun to watch.

Devils shut-out and beat the Rangers in the shoot-out, 2-1: A lot of olympians were involved in this game. And then there was the shoot-out - just like the olympics! None of the Americans could score on the Swede, but the Czech did.

Lightning roll over the Capitals, 7-4: Downie and Ovechkin wanted to fight. Both took off there helmets because they wear half-shields and then Matt Bradley came in and ruined everything. I get it, you don't want your best scorer hurting his hands, but come on, he's the captain. Let him fight.

Flyers beat the Stars, 6-3
: Turco sucks.

Blues beat the BJs, 4-1
: Good game, good fights.

Selasa, 12 Januari 2010


Jimmy Howard
Howard has been kicking around since 2005 but only now is he ripping it up between the pipes for the Wings. Howard is 16-9-2 on the season, 5-1-1 since Christmas with a 2.14 GAA and strong .928 save %. He was mentioned as a snub by some for Quick's spot on the US Olympic Team but still not enough people are singing his praises for keep Detroit in the conversation this season. Sneaky

Alex Burrows
Is his 37 points in 46 games because he plays with the Sedin twins or is he the reason Henrik Sedin is atop the scoring league tables?

Tomas Plekanec
Your boy has 36 assists so far with 17 on the PP. Not only is he dishing to his teammates but he's setting himself up for a nice payday this summer in a thin free agent class.

Dwayne Roloson
Scotty and I got so fired up about how sick of a job Roloson has been doing down range for the Isles that we had to put in a second order of brewery mozzy sticks. It hasn't been easy for the 41 year old but Lord only knows where the Isles are without him.

Girls with their hands in their pockets

Can we talk about how girl girls look when they have their hands in their pockets?

- Nemmy

What you missed last night while you watched a bunch of pirate puppets sing

Avalanche beat the Flames in the shoot-out, 3-2: This game was awesome because there were roughly 40 fights in the first 5 minutes. Then there were some goals and then a shoot-out. On the Flames first goal Damon Langkow outraced an Avalanche defenseman to the puck and then fed the puck over to Rene Borque. How it is possible that Damon Langkow wins a foot race against anyone in the league?

Predators beat the Canucks, 3-2: Alex Burrows scored 2 and everyone assumed he would just get the hat trick. Instead he got 16 pims and then said it was because the ref wanted to get him back for embellishing a call a while back. What? Yea, exactly.

Wild beat the Penguins, 4-3
: Its becoming routine for Marc-Andre Fleury to give up one ridiculous goal a game. Its not always his fault, some dump in took a weird hop and beat him like Vesa Toskala.

Sharks beat the Kings, 2-1
: Dany Heatley got robbed early in the night by Erik Ersberg (jew?), but then scored the eventual game winner by batting the puck in out of mid-air. Sweet.

Senin, 11 Januari 2010

How was your weekend?

I don't speak Russian but the announcers don't seem impressed at all with this goal.

Dion sure wears a lot of jewelery.

Henrik Sedin is your current scoring leader. Will it last? The only thing I know about Henrik Sedin is that he is a well-paid twin.

- Nemmy

Jumat, 08 Januari 2010

Has Anyone Else Noticed This?

At the 0:06 mark DP scores a goal and loses his mind.

So good of him to give up his time and actually show a pulse while giving back. To many athletes mail in community appearances. Not DP. He's 1000% in this clip.

Is our Twitter thingie working on the side? Anyone know how to get that going? The2Man office tech guy took the day off to play shinny and watch 30/30.

- Nemmy

What you missed last night while kicking short or line drives

Canucks shut-out Coyotes, 4-0:
Alex Burrows will
be the first star of the week
You heard it here first.

Canadiens shut-out the Panthers, 2-0:
Who is the number
one tender in Montreal?
Trade the other one.

Capitals beat the Senators, 5-2:
Ovechkin scored his
first goal as captain. It was
a sweet backhand play.

BJs beat the Oilers, 4-2:
When 2 slumping teams
play, one gets out of said slump.
Steve Mason still sucks.

Blackhawks beat the Bruins, 5-2:
Of all the fire
power on the hawks, it was
Keith who scored nice. twice.

Flyers beat the Penguins, 7-4:
The Flyers should
have had 8, but 7 was
enough for the win.

Wings beat the Kings, 2-1
Howard's shut-out was
lost on a fluky bounce,
but Helm won it late

Predators beat the Hurricanes, 4-2:
The Canes should blow up
their team like the Flyers
did a few years back.

Thrashers beat the Rangers in the shoot-out, 2-1
Rich Peverly got
robbed twice during the game
by not Lunqvist. Who?

Ducks beat the Blues, 4-2
Nemmy texted me,
"Backes is ready." I love
him fighting Northers.

Kamis, 07 Januari 2010


Which guy has the worst nose?

A) Tim Hunter
B) Stephane Robidas
C) Ian Laperriere

- Nemmy

What you missed last night while you were watching Sean Avery in Avatar

One is the star of Avatar, Sam Worthington. One is former Dallas Star, Sean Avery.

Flyers beat the Leafs, 6-2
: Dan Carcillo hadfought in this game. Ray Ferraro referred to him as "sideshow" Carcillo after the fight. I think thats a great nickname, Dan "Sideshow" Carcillo. During Carcillo's fight against Jamal Mayers (mayer's second of the night), the camera cut to Aaron Asham looking upset that he wasn't involved in the melee. It was endearing.

Wild beat the Flames, 4-1: Belanger had 2 goals. His first one was a super-duper change up. He one-timed a bouncing puck, that if he hit clean should have been a no joke easy goal, but instead it fluttered just past the outstretched Kipper leg.

Rangers win over the Stars, 5-2
: Sean Avery/Sam Worthington had a four point night, but considering that both teams actually pay his salary, shouldn't two of those points go to the Stars. We'll give them 2 assists, so its still a win for the Rangers.

Sharks beat the Blues, in OT, 2-1: Is Dany Heatly fast? He looked speedy as he pulled in away in OT on a breakaway. Nice finish too, high blocker, for the game winner.

Sabres beat the Lightning, 5-3: Are the Sabres underrated, overrated or rated? They are top of their division, but no one talks about them, so underrated?

Islanders win over the Avalanche, 3-2: This is better than Hossa's goal -

Rabu, 06 Januari 2010

The Kids Are Alright

No look GWG? Silliness! Unreal late-game comeback by Jordan Eberle. Team Canada has nothing to be ashamed of even if certain members of the Canadian media unmercilessly rip into them.

Amazing job by all. It's Our Game today.

Have a great morning.

- Nemmy

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You whack, you twisted, your girl's a ho...broke kid ain't yours and everybody know

And you wondered why we loved MO, Guert and Taychuck

What you missed last night while you were trying to figure out what the hell a "bump-set" was

Rangers beat the Bruins, 3-2: The game winner Rask let up was awkwardly soft. As Higgins cut to the net, I guess Rask tried to anticipate a cross-crease pass,but instead Higgins somehow tucked in a puck short side. Earlier in the game, Rask let Erik Christensien put a one-handed shot by him. Not the greatest game for the Finn.

Kings beat the Sharks, 8-2
: I hate watching games at the HP Pavillion. The cameras are so high up and the lighting is so bright you can hardly see the lines. Every game looks the same because you can't disitinguish colors.

Senin, 04 Januari 2010

Weekend Wrap Up OR The Best of 2010, so far

2010 started off nicely enough with a good game and better fight at Fenway.

Then team USA was announced. At least those boys won't have the pressure of Canada.

Even if we don't beat Canada at the Olympics, at least we can beat them up.

Kovalev had 4 goals last night. His 4th was probably his nicest, mostly because his head is down most of the way.

The Penguins suck in 2010, but Crosby scored this nice wrister:

And then MAF gave up 5 goals. He's playing himself right to 3rd on the Canada goalie depth chart.

This goal by Toews is my favorite of the weekend. Because everyone on the Ducks forgets about him and he sneaks back door and also Kane, who makes the pass, is chewing on his mouth guard the whole time.

What did I miss?