Senin, 20 Februari 2012

New Video: the 2Man Weekly 1000

In this week's 1000:
Ovy tries to go coast 2 coast
Elias and Kovy abuse the Blues (RHYMES!)
Craig Smith with a sneaky toey
and Matty Martin goes all-out all the time



Selasa, 07 Februari 2012

Minggu, 05 Februari 2012

Just because....

Another very early on cartoon sketch that I did with my little bro.


Kamis, 02 Februari 2012

I love this

I never saw this. You probably have. It's old Sully. But it's so cool. Drink a glass of tang, sit back and relax.


Rabu, 01 Februari 2012


Check out this goal from Dennis Seidenberg:

And check out this goal last week from Kevin Klein:

Both shots were from long range but Klein did the sneaky-fake-dump-in-then-throw-one-at-the-net move while Seidenberg just bombed one. But both shots took funny bounces like a short-hopper to 3rd base.

My question is this: are guys purposely skipping the puck at goalies from long range? If so, SICKNESS.


Jumat, 27 Januari 2012

All-Star Draft

Hi, remember me? I used to write blog posts.

Here are some quick thoughts on last night's all-star draft:

1) It needs more booze. If I was producing the event I'd make sure that backstage area had an open bar. The event is new, guys are stiff, and guys need to loosen up a bit. Plus by the time Logan came out for his car he would have been pickled and throwing punches.

2) Change the venue - Again let's loosen it up a bit. No need for suits and jackets. Instead have the event with small tables instead of stands and let the guys lounge a bit. Have a few mics being passed so guys already picked can chirp those who are being chosen. Have Giroux's mic hot the entire show. Let's get running commentary going. The guys are shy as it is. I like the lively crowd but maybe take the crowd out so the guys get more comfortable in a dressing room or bar type situation.

3) I think James Duthie does a tremendous job - He handled the Timmy Thomas interview like a pro and was sharp throughout. BUT give him some help. It would be nice if Roenick and maybe Kevin Weekes worked some play by play during the event.

4) No knock on Igor larionov's daughter but that Twitter inclusion is dopey - She seems cool and should be backstage with interviews of guys who are sweating it out.

5) What exactly are the laptops for? - again the event is a little too formal. Have the captains sitting at a table with a list of players and instead of making the selections like its an entrance draft have them say why they are drafting these guys. For example a loose Lupul could say "I'm picking Tim Thomas because Chara threatened to Pacioretty my ass if I chose a goalie before him."

6) Lupul was excellent - He's sharp and had a few good lines (when Kessel was picked was great). I felt like he held back a bit because he didn't want to really engage the fans. A beer or two and permission to engage enemy targets from the higher ups would help make things more interesting.

7) That music was brutal.

8) For the 2nd year now someone watching with us is way too stoned and tries to say that the picks are preselected because they already have a white or dark sweater with the name on the back. Come on, Scotty. You're better than that.

9) Kane loved the blond sweater girl but the brunette was a lottery pick. Not too many guys said thanks when the ladies took their jackets.

10) Kane and Iginla didn't say hi to each other that whole time backstage? And how awkward was that handshake? That was terrible.

Skills comp tomorrow. Chara will have hardest shot, Seguin with hit all 4 targets and Soupy gets fastest skater.

Stay loose,


Rabu, 25 Januari 2012