Selasa, 30 Juni 2009

Late Weekend Wrap Up OR Its not a Free Agent Preview

Thank goodness the Islanders took John Tavares. I would have been happy with Victor Hedman, and I probably could have sold myself on Matt Duchene. But, it had to be Tavares. I'll call his stat line for next year right now:


I d0n't have much other insight into any other draft picks. It was fun to watch Burke being so pissed when the Kings took the younger Schenn. I was surprised that he (Burke) took Kadri, who's small and had a less than stellar year.

I really really wanted the Islanders to take Ray Ferraro's son in the second round, but they went with a goalkeeper, which I guess make sense.

The Pronger deal was the best hockey trade in a long time. Pronger is perfect for Philly and the Ducks just restocked for another run. Imagine what they'll get for Giguere. I think they are a sneaky pick for Western Conference champs.

Free agency opens tomorrow and I'm excited to see where players go, but have no high expectations for any of the tri-state teams.
I could make wild predictions, but I won't.

Who do you want your team to sign?


Selasa, 16 Juni 2009

Congratulations, Pittsburgh

So in preparation for Friday's Game 7 Scotty and I took off from work early to have some cocktails and watch Predator and Major League. Those two movies and a few tall boys put us in the proper mood to really enjoy the NHL playoffs. Since HBO has added Predator to its OnDemand channel I've watched the movie about 6 times.

We had a few friends meet up at the Tavern for the game. We arrived around 7 and the place had just cleared out from the happy hour crowd and he dug in for the night.

The Tavern puts the big screen and sound for the big games so we had that going for us. It was a solid group of sprited Americans and we all sat around confused as to why they made Milbury and Pierre give their fake pregame speeches to empty lockerooms. That was the worst.

Out of the 20 or so people we had with us only 2 were really rooting for anyone. Adam wore his Yzerman sweater hoping to bring bad luck for the Pens because he is a salty Ranger fan and Rice Pilaf wore his Crosby sweater to show love for his team. Everyone was else just wanted to get drunk and see triple OT.

Thoughts on the game itself (from what I recall):

Both teams got away with calls. I liked how the refs put away the whistle for the most part.

MAF's glove save on Saltby was awesome.

Talbot's first goal was perfect. Perfect. Even though Pitt scored first everyone felt that Detroit would come back huge. Little surprised that they didn't dominate at home. We were waiting.

Our Director, Artem, showed up at the bar. We hadn't seen him in weeks because he has been shooting some movie. He smelled a little.

Crosby knee injury looked harmless from the first replay. This was also the first time I recall Johan Franzen being alive in the last couple of games.

Max Talbot, welcome to snipe city. What a goal.

Of course Detroit was going to score on a play that started with a shot from the point. At this point we are drunk and going nuts on every close play. Bress's beard was starting to perspire.

Someone on Detroit hit the crossbar and Bress's friend, Tasha nearly got trampled. Ugly scene for a minute. It looked like Iranian election aftermath 2009.

I was standing on a couch at one point and completely fell on the ground. My girlfriend had to help me up.

MAF's save on Lidstrom was perfect. What a sick was to end Game 7.

If Black Guerin had scored we would have burned the place down.

Lots of shots were passed around during the game. Plenty, our good buddy and mens league netminder was in attendance and likes to mix Goldschlager and Jameson to make a "Dirty Lenti". It's his signature shot and he goes overboard with them. It's not to be confused with a "Dirty Weindel" which was Mr. W's signature shot in college. Here's a little NYC secret: If you go to the spot where Finnerty's used to be on 3rd Ave and whisper "Dirty Weindel" 3 times in the reflection of the Robin Raj windows our buddy Matty will haunt you like the Candyman.
The Tavern filled up with a few Pens fans after the game. They looked so happy and I was jealous. I can't wait until Boston gets to lift the Cup.

Luis Castillo tried his hardest to ruin our night. Unreal ending to the Mets/Yanks game. I didn't puke from all the Jager but I got the spits when I saw that dropped ball.

Late night Scotty and I hit up McDonalds and I woke up with a bag full of nuggets and a double cheeseburger. Thanks, Crosby.

Great season, great ending now let's shoot some hockey interviews.


Senin, 15 Juni 2009


Great video compliments of 2Man outsourcing from Adam Weinbrom. Espn did it and it came out well. A little Konstantinov remembrance.

And to lighten the mood a little. It is Monday after all. Nemy got me started on Predator.

Well this one is just it.

- Barbone

Jumat, 12 Juni 2009

Game 7

Get a good pre-game meal in you. Tomorrow is the offseason. Let's make tonight last a little longer.

Be careful out there.

What you missed last night while you were pitching to Matt Stairs

Again, nothing.
Nothing new to report here. Of course Game 7 is on tonight. Thoughts on tonight's game:

Please let it go to at least one OT
I really want to see an overtime winner. The only thing greater than hearing the crowd EXPLODE when the home team pots one in OT is being able to hearing the guys scream and swear and go ape when the away team scores because it's so quiet in the arena. Really, nothing cooler than hearing that 6th guy jump on the pile screaming "Yeah, baby! Woooo!!!". I eat that up.

Chris Osgood is a sneaky badass
Bress always goofs on this guy because he looks like he could be working in the cubicle next to him but NHL goalies aren't always Adonises (think Belfour, Marty, Timmy Thomas. Not the best physiques). His stats are solid, he's way up there with total wins and he hung in there in that fight with Pat Roy, right? He's been real sharp in this series and has a chance to get another ring. We should kind of be applauding this guy instead of mentioning how bad he looked all season. Right?

Remember Ruslan Fedotenko's Game 7 a few years ago?
Tenk doesn't remember his 2 goals. How sick is that? Does he have some magic left?

The boys want to play a drinking game during the game
The idea is good if we were watching something I wasn't interested in like the Grammy's or another award show/event. This one I really want to watch and I don't want to sit and count everytime "Edzo" or "active stick" gets said (although I do anyway). I doubt we're going to order some new shot because Helm snuck a rebound past MAF. When you routinley blackout while watching hockey at your favorite bar you don't really need someone telling you when to drink.

The Subway Series kicks off tonight
Does this even matter anymore? Don't get me wrong I would love it if the Mets can go into the Bronx and beat the Yankees but the Mets have so much other shit to worry about than getting caught up in any interleague hype. Plus baseball doesn't really begin until hockey ends.

Does anyone really think deep down that Pitt will win tonight?
I think we see a 3-1 Detroit win. I know the Pens can win on the road but I don't know if Guerin and Co. has it in them. It's not good enough for just Crosby to have a game tonight. Everyone from Matt Cooke to Staal to the mascot needs to play well to beat Detroit at home. I'll say it again it's nice to root for a good game and not worry about anything.

How cool is it that Hossa may end up looking like a jackass after tonight?
I still say that he made the right move. Detroit is stacked! They had the best chance at repeating from day one. BUT wouldn't it be something if Hossa comes up short AGAIN? If Detroit loses at least Conklin didn't leave millions on the table just to end up in 2nd place again.

How cool is it that Guerin may go for worst to first after tonight?
This would be the equivalent of being lost a sea and eventually rescued by a Hedonism cruise ship. Either way good for him.

Draper gets the winner
God help us all if Guerin does it.

That's it. I'm pretty much braindead and all I want is to get some guys together, have some cocktails and watch the greatest Game 7 in the history of the NHL on tv. Please let it be a good game.

- Nemmy

Kamis, 11 Juni 2009

Crossed over Friday

A snapshot from the ending of Mega Man 3

Well now that the front door of my apartment building is fixed after last Thursday nights debacle, we can look to the weekend. We can look toward improving that performance tomorrow night during game 7. People...we need game 7 friday night drinking games. That in your face burning, choking disgusting stomach pump type stuff. Well maybe not all that. How about 4 big macs tomorrow night...its ok! Don't feel bad about it. Do it and hit the track the next day after you recover. Get creative with this stuff.

What about a different shot for each player. Shot of Jack for every goal Hal Gil scores. Shot of BlackHaus for a Holmstrom goal. Shot of water for a Satan goal. Really explore the space.

For every time Pierre says "Edzo!" It starts a running tabulation. So by the fourth time you are chugging a beer for 4 seconds. I realize that the tab at the tavern might get up there but the bottom is in sight people so stay focused.

Every face-off that Staal loses is a beer swig. Not a sip a nice gulp.

Every shot on goal is a sip...not a sip but a SIP! Not a gulp a SIP!

Every dirty hit or chip or shank that Kunitz throws is a gulp.

And if...this is a big if but if any of the commentators say the word Black in the same sentence as black out. Or come as close as you can.

This video is just good.

By the way, I beat Mega Man 3 last night and half of Mega Man 4. Why the hell did I ever STOP playing these amazing games. Met game going in my underwear and playing games just like my pops! Thanks Chutley. Thanks 16 runners left on base by the Mets. Thanks Tsioma!
The bosses from MegaMan 3

What games can we play at the bar people?

What you missed last night because you were having an existential meltdown

Nothing. You missed nothing. Sucks not having any hockey on tv right? We bet you were forced to watch the Mets puke all over themselves or maybe you watched whatever Netflix sent you. Remember way back when everyone was blowing the movie "Y tu mama tambien"? For some reason everyone during my freshman year of college was freaking out about that movie. You could literally start a conversation at a bar about seeing that movie and you were guaranteed at least a handjob in the cab back to your dorm. Smart kids are such losers. Me included. I had a puka shell necklace freshman year. -1,000.

BTW I'm not really close to the situation but swapping Dave Tippett for Marc Crawford isn't a win.

And the old news about Dany Heatley asking for a trade made me want to weep for Senators fans. Ship be sinking.

Also, I always thought Ray Emery was the man. Not sure how it will all work out in Philly. I'm pretty sure things will end badly but the question is: when will things end badly?

With a 2 night break in action and all the game 7 build up we better see something special tomorrow night. Someone may have to actually catch on fire or explode at this point.

The boys want to play a drinking game during tomorrow's broadcast. More on this later today. Stay tuned.

- Nemmy

Rabu, 10 Juni 2009

What you missed last night while you eating at olive garden with your girlfriend's friends

Penguins beat the Red Wings, 2-1 (series tied 3-3): Why I am happy with this result? Because there will be a game 7 and game 7s are awesome. And this particular game 7 will be on a friday night. When Draper scored that goal to cut the lead in half, I felt awful - I can't imagine how Pens fans felt.
Pavel Datsyuk must get his skates sharpened before every period. How else do explain how he can do those super tight turns and cuts (with the puck!). There was one play early in the third when he absolutely turned Crosby inside out and then fed a pass to Zetterberg. And he hardly ever gets hit... in open ice. Along the boards, well Matt Cooke got a good piece of him (no its not interference, Pierre Maguire).
Matt Cooke was impactful last night. So was Tyler Kennedy obviously. His goal was set up nicely by Ruslan Fedentanko (beating Lidstrom to a puck) and Max Talbot (with good body position along the boards). And lets not forget about Fleury's save on Cleary (perfect positioning) or Scuderi's saves at the end (he must watch Nemmy in the roller game).

I can't wait for Friday

Selasa, 09 Juni 2009

Oh Yawn Yawn!

Game 6 tonight. Pray that the Pens win tonight so we can get a game 7 on a Friday night. That would be 10,000. You know it too. The type and amount of drinking games that will go on that night will be extravagant. No girlfriends just a shot of beer for every shot on goal. A shot of diaper for every hit Satan throws. A beer chug for a short-handed goal. If it goes to 7, people submit your drinking game bids throughout the remainder of the week. Chew on these little vids in the meantime because the song in this video is very soothing and nice and grows on you as the video progresses.

I love the momentum in this one. Comment from the broadcasters about Melrose is just awesome.


My video game team is almost thru the perfect season without losing a game. Matty W scored his 201st goal the other day and Scotty Barbonus reached his 200th assist in the same game. Heals is a perfect 73-0 with 26 shutouts. Dyanism.
Enjoy the game later people.
P.S. Don't forget to explode off of your calves!
- Barbone

Senin, 08 Juni 2009

Game 6

Game 6 is scheduled for Tuesday night at 8. In a perfect world we would be watching Game 6 tonight.

Someone mentioned to me that it's a bad idea to overlap on the same nights as the basketball finals because if "no other sports were on TV then the casual fan would tune into hockey". Maybe, maybe not. We can't assume everyone has Vs.

Yawn Yawn. The only thing I'm concerned about is having to share the Tavern's tvs with the basketball crowd on a Tuesday.

Tonight would be perfect for a hockey game at the bar. A few casual beers (maybe round of shots if Billy Black gets on the board), a friendly attentive bar staff and no Kobe Bryant supporters within earshot. Instead I'll be holed up in my apt. tomorrow with Bress's bum leg, a 6-pack of Strohs and David Carradine's genitals hanging up in my closet.

- Nemmy


Scotty, show up in better shape than you did for game 4. Thanks.

Weekend Wrap Up OR There was only one game, so its pretty much a what you missed

Well that game sucked. I guess not, for Detroit fans. Or fans of shut-outs. I can't remember a less competitive game in Stanley Cup Finals since Ed Belfour was on cold meds and NJ put in 7 in a game 1 a few years back.

Some cool things from the Red Wings:

Rafalski's shot is perfect. If you don't hit Holmstrom and put it on net, its going in.
The slap pass to Zetterberg makes me feel tingly.
The Red Wings know to go upstairs from the hash marks in. Its simple hockey.

The Penguins embarrassed themselves with stupid, immature penalties.

Lets get a better game 6.

Jumat, 05 Juni 2009

Before you head to happy hour...

We're almost done with this week. Scotty and I are heading over to the 2Man editing room to see if we can create something of value from this little hockey show hobby of ours. You should go home for a quick nap before the weekend. It's been a tough one and you need your sleep.

Here's a question to mull over while you rest:

Would you agree to play in one NHL game under the condition that you had to fight Tie Domi?

Thanks to 2Man buddy, Bradley for the question. Before you go asking questions let's assume that you can play for any team you want and you'd be fighting the Tie Domi that has been retired since 2006 and chilling with Mario in the owner's box. Not like it would matter in the fight's outcome anyways.


What you missed last night because you were drinking since 11

Penguins beat the Red Wings, 4-2 (series tied 2-2): What a game. I'll just run through the goals:
1-0 PIT - lots of shots from the slot and Osgood made a good first save. How exactly did Malkin slide that puck far side under Osgood? Great celebration.
1-1 - Great active stick (copyright: edzo) by Darren Helm. He first took away the boards, but then jumped the breakout pass and sniped a quick release shot, short side and high.
2-1 DET - What is Bill Guerin doing screening Marc-Andre Fleury on that play? MAF had no chance on a professional shot from Brad Stuart. Speaking of MAF, is Andre his middle name or does he have another middle name, could he be Marc-Andre Pierre-Luc Fleury?
2-2 - Just a sick goal from Jordan Staal. It was Eric-esqe. It was short-handed. It was huge. Tiny Rafalski had no chance once Staal decided to power move it. And Osgood had no chance either with that long reach and perfect low, stick side shot.
3-2 PIT - How does Malkin regain that puck and make a perfect pass on the second try? And Kris Letang absolutely crushed Crosby in the celebration.
4-2 PIT - SICK pass from Crosby. Anyone (not anyone in the league, actually anyone) could score that goal that Tyler Kennedy did. But that pass from Crosby - wow. As a fan, you see it develop, but to one touch it cross ice perfectly. Well, thats just special.

I really, really liked, that when they showed the Penguins getting off the ice at the end of the game no one looked happy. That shows me that they know they haven't accomplished anything yet. I like that anger and determination

Now its a best of 3, and unfortunately for the Penguins 2 of those games are at the Joe. This series has been great. Maybe some OT - that'd be nice.

Kamis, 04 Juni 2009

At least I'm not playing soccer

Sometimes mens league just isn’t fun.

Our team always has one or two of “those guys” on the roster who show up to every game despite being behind the curve as far as skill level. The problem with playing where we play is that our squad needs to have a big roster to keep the cost of playing down. With the talent pool being what it is it means we have to get a few of “those guys” on board.

None of us are really all that great but it’s frustrating when only “those guys” show up for games.

Throw in the fact that we play against a few idiots who get stupid with the stickwork because we have to wear cages and you can have the perfect storm of getting beat every night and getting stuck by a few jackasses on those winning teams.

That’s where we are right now. Our team can’t get anything going and we play against just enough assholes to make me want to either get thrown out of games or stay home all together.

Last night we played our second game in as many days and I wanted to skip it. I told Scotty that we should ditch the game (we show up every night, let’s let the slackers take their turn to get hacked), get a bottle of something and watch Predator On Demand. Scotty convinced me to play.

My plan was to skate and drop the first guy that got creative with his stick so I could go home early and get some sleep. Fortunately for me we played the team that has the guys who sometimes play roller hockey with us. They are good guys and solid humans for the most part. I say fortunately for me because with my luck I would have took offense to a high elbow, fought a guy and had to explain to everyone at work why I had to get stitches in my forehead the next day.

Well I played and we lost again. I fought the puck all night and took a few shots off my left skate. The game got somewhat chippy with our buddy, McD getting slashed in the back by some loser in a play that culminated with Scotty pulling one of the more dangerous and retarded moves when he attempted a single leg takedown HS wrestling style to another player. The game was garbage and after losing we are assured of missing out on the playoffs.

Of course I had to rollerblade back to my apartment in a thunderstorm. My girlfriend told me before I left for the game not to skate over because it was going to rain. I ignored her because it was dry at the time and I really wanted to blade for a bit. Great call, Nemmy.

As I was on the stairs of the rink’s fire escape lacing up my skates and getting wet I was thinking about how badly I had played and how late it was, how much shit I had to do at work the next day and how I should maybe skate up to a cab to keep from getting soaked and slipping into a gutter on the trip home.

It was right then that I saw a few teams playing indoor soccer at 11:40 at night. The team with the maroon pinnies and weird beards was threatening to score on some other team made of guys in baggy shorts and long hair. A few of the guys had straggly hair that was held back by scrunchies sold at stores in the mall that 14 years girls work during the summer.

After watching that shit I knew that things could be so much worse. When it comes down to it I would rather get blown out, hacked to death and soaked in our middle of the night hockey games than win at indoor soccer. I have nothing to complain about.


Rabu, 03 Juni 2009

What you missed last night while you were actually working from home

Penguins beat the Red Wings 4-2 (DET leads series 2-1): Yes, I'm happy Pittsburgh won the game. Not just because I have them picked to win the Cup, but because I want a legitimate series and hopefully a game 7. Another exciting first period, where Matt Cooke was absolute mad man and hit all the Detroit "depth" guys (Abdelkader, Helm). Great first goal from the Penguins. I like how Talbot found the dead space in the zone, in the super high slot. Brett Hull was the man at doing that. I want to do a highlight show, just showing how important it is for the recipient of a pass to find that space. Even though Franzen's goal was kind of fluky, how do you put a puck, that is bouncing, in that spot? Kris Letang has been the Penguins best defensemen the entire series. Its amazing to see how much more space the Penguins had in Detroits zone, versus the first 2 games. I hope Pittsburgh holds home court and it becomes a best of 3 series. Imagine if Crosby actually gets going.

Selasa, 02 Juni 2009

Late Weekend Wrap Up OR Sorry Mr. W, but yesterday was my first day back at work

Ok, so not only it is a rematch of last years final, but after the first 2 games we are looking at the same result. Here's the one difference, the star that is "quiet" on the Penguins is Crosby. Well, except for slashing Kirk Maltby.

Anyway, heres the thing that really impresses me about the Wings. They play absolutely ferocious team defense. The only time Crosby had time and space he fed Bill Guerin (who hit the far post) or hit the far post himself.

Justin Abdelkader can't score normal goals. And thats just fine with me. But Fleury has to have that one in game 2.

Also, Fleury should stop being the Wings leading scorer.

I don't think this series is over. Home ice advantage was kept by the Wings. Thats what they are supposed to do. Now, the Penguins have to keep serve.