Jumat, 05 Juni 2009

What you missed last night because you were drinking since 11

Penguins beat the Red Wings, 4-2 (series tied 2-2): What a game. I'll just run through the goals:
1-0 PIT - lots of shots from the slot and Osgood made a good first save. How exactly did Malkin slide that puck far side under Osgood? Great celebration.
1-1 - Great active stick (copyright: edzo) by Darren Helm. He first took away the boards, but then jumped the breakout pass and sniped a quick release shot, short side and high.
2-1 DET - What is Bill Guerin doing screening Marc-Andre Fleury on that play? MAF had no chance on a professional shot from Brad Stuart. Speaking of MAF, is Andre his middle name or does he have another middle name, could he be Marc-Andre Pierre-Luc Fleury?
2-2 - Just a sick goal from Jordan Staal. It was Eric-esqe. It was short-handed. It was huge. Tiny Rafalski had no chance once Staal decided to power move it. And Osgood had no chance either with that long reach and perfect low, stick side shot.
3-2 PIT - How does Malkin regain that puck and make a perfect pass on the second try? And Kris Letang absolutely crushed Crosby in the celebration.
4-2 PIT - SICK pass from Crosby. Anyone (not anyone in the league, actually anyone) could score that goal that Tyler Kennedy did. But that pass from Crosby - wow. As a fan, you see it develop, but to one touch it cross ice perfectly. Well, thats just special.

I really, really liked, that when they showed the Penguins getting off the ice at the end of the game no one looked happy. That shows me that they know they haven't accomplished anything yet. I like that anger and determination

Now its a best of 3, and unfortunately for the Penguins 2 of those games are at the Joe. This series has been great. Maybe some OT - that'd be nice.

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