Senin, 08 Juni 2009

Game 6

Game 6 is scheduled for Tuesday night at 8. In a perfect world we would be watching Game 6 tonight.

Someone mentioned to me that it's a bad idea to overlap on the same nights as the basketball finals because if "no other sports were on TV then the casual fan would tune into hockey". Maybe, maybe not. We can't assume everyone has Vs.

Yawn Yawn. The only thing I'm concerned about is having to share the Tavern's tvs with the basketball crowd on a Tuesday.

Tonight would be perfect for a hockey game at the bar. A few casual beers (maybe round of shots if Billy Black gets on the board), a friendly attentive bar staff and no Kobe Bryant supporters within earshot. Instead I'll be holed up in my apt. tomorrow with Bress's bum leg, a 6-pack of Strohs and David Carradine's genitals hanging up in my closet.

- Nemmy


Scotty, show up in better shape than you did for game 4. Thanks.

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