Selasa, 09 Juni 2009

Oh Yawn Yawn!

Game 6 tonight. Pray that the Pens win tonight so we can get a game 7 on a Friday night. That would be 10,000. You know it too. The type and amount of drinking games that will go on that night will be extravagant. No girlfriends just a shot of beer for every shot on goal. A shot of diaper for every hit Satan throws. A beer chug for a short-handed goal. If it goes to 7, people submit your drinking game bids throughout the remainder of the week. Chew on these little vids in the meantime because the song in this video is very soothing and nice and grows on you as the video progresses.

I love the momentum in this one. Comment from the broadcasters about Melrose is just awesome.


My video game team is almost thru the perfect season without losing a game. Matty W scored his 201st goal the other day and Scotty Barbonus reached his 200th assist in the same game. Heals is a perfect 73-0 with 26 shutouts. Dyanism.
Enjoy the game later people.
P.S. Don't forget to explode off of your calves!
- Barbone

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