Rabu, 10 Juni 2009

What you missed last night while you eating at olive garden with your girlfriend's friends

Penguins beat the Red Wings, 2-1 (series tied 3-3): Why I am happy with this result? Because there will be a game 7 and game 7s are awesome. And this particular game 7 will be on a friday night. When Draper scored that goal to cut the lead in half, I felt awful - I can't imagine how Pens fans felt.
Pavel Datsyuk must get his skates sharpened before every period. How else do explain how he can do those super tight turns and cuts (with the puck!). There was one play early in the third when he absolutely turned Crosby inside out and then fed a pass to Zetterberg. And he hardly ever gets hit... in open ice. Along the boards, well Matt Cooke got a good piece of him (no its not interference, Pierre Maguire).
Matt Cooke was impactful last night. So was Tyler Kennedy obviously. His goal was set up nicely by Ruslan Fedentanko (beating Lidstrom to a puck) and Max Talbot (with good body position along the boards). And lets not forget about Fleury's save on Cleary (perfect positioning) or Scuderi's saves at the end (he must watch Nemmy in the roller game).

I can't wait for Friday

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