Kamis, 11 Juni 2009

What you missed last night because you were having an existential meltdown

Nothing. You missed nothing. Sucks not having any hockey on tv right? We bet you were forced to watch the Mets puke all over themselves or maybe you watched whatever Netflix sent you. Remember way back when everyone was blowing the movie "Y tu mama tambien"? For some reason everyone during my freshman year of college was freaking out about that movie. You could literally start a conversation at a bar about seeing that movie and you were guaranteed at least a handjob in the cab back to your dorm. Smart kids are such losers. Me included. I had a puka shell necklace freshman year. -1,000.

BTW I'm not really close to the situation but swapping Dave Tippett for Marc Crawford isn't a win.

And the old news about Dany Heatley asking for a trade made me want to weep for Senators fans. Ship be sinking.

Also, I always thought Ray Emery was the man. Not sure how it will all work out in Philly. I'm pretty sure things will end badly but the question is: when will things end badly?

With a 2 night break in action and all the game 7 build up we better see something special tomorrow night. Someone may have to actually catch on fire or explode at this point.

The boys want to play a drinking game during tomorrow's broadcast. More on this later today. Stay tuned.

- Nemmy

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