Selasa, 16 Juni 2009

Congratulations, Pittsburgh

So in preparation for Friday's Game 7 Scotty and I took off from work early to have some cocktails and watch Predator and Major League. Those two movies and a few tall boys put us in the proper mood to really enjoy the NHL playoffs. Since HBO has added Predator to its OnDemand channel I've watched the movie about 6 times.

We had a few friends meet up at the Tavern for the game. We arrived around 7 and the place had just cleared out from the happy hour crowd and he dug in for the night.

The Tavern puts the big screen and sound for the big games so we had that going for us. It was a solid group of sprited Americans and we all sat around confused as to why they made Milbury and Pierre give their fake pregame speeches to empty lockerooms. That was the worst.

Out of the 20 or so people we had with us only 2 were really rooting for anyone. Adam wore his Yzerman sweater hoping to bring bad luck for the Pens because he is a salty Ranger fan and Rice Pilaf wore his Crosby sweater to show love for his team. Everyone was else just wanted to get drunk and see triple OT.

Thoughts on the game itself (from what I recall):

Both teams got away with calls. I liked how the refs put away the whistle for the most part.

MAF's glove save on Saltby was awesome.

Talbot's first goal was perfect. Perfect. Even though Pitt scored first everyone felt that Detroit would come back huge. Little surprised that they didn't dominate at home. We were waiting.

Our Director, Artem, showed up at the bar. We hadn't seen him in weeks because he has been shooting some movie. He smelled a little.

Crosby knee injury looked harmless from the first replay. This was also the first time I recall Johan Franzen being alive in the last couple of games.

Max Talbot, welcome to snipe city. What a goal.

Of course Detroit was going to score on a play that started with a shot from the point. At this point we are drunk and going nuts on every close play. Bress's beard was starting to perspire.

Someone on Detroit hit the crossbar and Bress's friend, Tasha nearly got trampled. Ugly scene for a minute. It looked like Iranian election aftermath 2009.

I was standing on a couch at one point and completely fell on the ground. My girlfriend had to help me up.

MAF's save on Lidstrom was perfect. What a sick was to end Game 7.

If Black Guerin had scored we would have burned the place down.

Lots of shots were passed around during the game. Plenty, our good buddy and mens league netminder was in attendance and likes to mix Goldschlager and Jameson to make a "Dirty Lenti". It's his signature shot and he goes overboard with them. It's not to be confused with a "Dirty Weindel" which was Mr. W's signature shot in college. Here's a little NYC secret: If you go to the spot where Finnerty's used to be on 3rd Ave and whisper "Dirty Weindel" 3 times in the reflection of the Robin Raj windows our buddy Matty will haunt you like the Candyman.
The Tavern filled up with a few Pens fans after the game. They looked so happy and I was jealous. I can't wait until Boston gets to lift the Cup.

Luis Castillo tried his hardest to ruin our night. Unreal ending to the Mets/Yanks game. I didn't puke from all the Jager but I got the spits when I saw that dropped ball.

Late night Scotty and I hit up McDonalds and I woke up with a bag full of nuggets and a double cheeseburger. Thanks, Crosby.

Great season, great ending now let's shoot some hockey interviews.


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