Jumat, 12 Juni 2009

What you missed last night while you were pitching to Matt Stairs

Again, nothing.
Nothing new to report here. Of course Game 7 is on tonight. Thoughts on tonight's game:

Please let it go to at least one OT
I really want to see an overtime winner. The only thing greater than hearing the crowd EXPLODE when the home team pots one in OT is being able to hearing the guys scream and swear and go ape when the away team scores because it's so quiet in the arena. Really, nothing cooler than hearing that 6th guy jump on the pile screaming "Yeah, baby! Woooo!!!". I eat that up.

Chris Osgood is a sneaky badass
Bress always goofs on this guy because he looks like he could be working in the cubicle next to him but NHL goalies aren't always Adonises (think Belfour, Marty, Timmy Thomas. Not the best physiques). His stats are solid, he's way up there with total wins and he hung in there in that fight with Pat Roy, right? He's been real sharp in this series and has a chance to get another ring. We should kind of be applauding this guy instead of mentioning how bad he looked all season. Right?

Remember Ruslan Fedotenko's Game 7 a few years ago?
Tenk doesn't remember his 2 goals. How sick is that? Does he have some magic left?

The boys want to play a drinking game during the game
The idea is good if we were watching something I wasn't interested in like the Grammy's or another award show/event. This one I really want to watch and I don't want to sit and count everytime "Edzo" or "active stick" gets said (although I do anyway). I doubt we're going to order some new shot because Helm snuck a rebound past MAF. When you routinley blackout while watching hockey at your favorite bar you don't really need someone telling you when to drink.

The Subway Series kicks off tonight
Does this even matter anymore? Don't get me wrong I would love it if the Mets can go into the Bronx and beat the Yankees but the Mets have so much other shit to worry about than getting caught up in any interleague hype. Plus baseball doesn't really begin until hockey ends.

Does anyone really think deep down that Pitt will win tonight?
I think we see a 3-1 Detroit win. I know the Pens can win on the road but I don't know if Guerin and Co. has it in them. It's not good enough for just Crosby to have a game tonight. Everyone from Matt Cooke to Staal to the mascot needs to play well to beat Detroit at home. I'll say it again it's nice to root for a good game and not worry about anything.

How cool is it that Hossa may end up looking like a jackass after tonight?
I still say that he made the right move. Detroit is stacked! They had the best chance at repeating from day one. BUT wouldn't it be something if Hossa comes up short AGAIN? If Detroit loses at least Conklin didn't leave millions on the table just to end up in 2nd place again.

How cool is it that Guerin may go for worst to first after tonight?
This would be the equivalent of being lost a sea and eventually rescued by a Hedonism cruise ship. Either way good for him.

Draper gets the winner
God help us all if Guerin does it.

That's it. I'm pretty much braindead and all I want is to get some guys together, have some cocktails and watch the greatest Game 7 in the history of the NHL on tv. Please let it be a good game.

- Nemmy

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