Kamis, 11 Juni 2009

Crossed over Friday

A snapshot from the ending of Mega Man 3

Well now that the front door of my apartment building is fixed after last Thursday nights debacle, we can look to the weekend. We can look toward improving that performance tomorrow night during game 7. People...we need game 7 friday night drinking games. That in your face burning, choking disgusting stomach pump type stuff. Well maybe not all that. How about 4 big macs tomorrow night...its ok! Don't feel bad about it. Do it and hit the track the next day after you recover. Get creative with this stuff.

What about a different shot for each player. Shot of Jack for every goal Hal Gil scores. Shot of BlackHaus for a Holmstrom goal. Shot of water for a Satan goal. Really explore the space.

For every time Pierre says "Edzo!" It starts a running tabulation. So by the fourth time you are chugging a beer for 4 seconds. I realize that the tab at the tavern might get up there but the bottom is in sight people so stay focused.

Every face-off that Staal loses is a beer swig. Not a sip a nice gulp.

Every shot on goal is a sip...not a sip but a SIP! Not a gulp a SIP!

Every dirty hit or chip or shank that Kunitz throws is a gulp.

And if...this is a big if but if any of the commentators say the word Black in the same sentence as Guerin...you black out. Or come as close as you can.

This video is just good.

By the way, I beat Mega Man 3 last night and half of Mega Man 4. Why the hell did I ever STOP playing these amazing games. Met game going in my underwear and playing games just like my pops! Thanks Chutley. Thanks 16 runners left on base by the Mets. Thanks Tsioma!
The bosses from MegaMan 3

What games can we play at the bar people?

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