Jumat, 05 Juni 2009

Before you head to happy hour...

We're almost done with this week. Scotty and I are heading over to the 2Man editing room to see if we can create something of value from this little hockey show hobby of ours. You should go home for a quick nap before the weekend. It's been a tough one and you need your sleep.

Here's a question to mull over while you rest:

Would you agree to play in one NHL game under the condition that you had to fight Tie Domi?

Thanks to 2Man buddy, Bradley for the question. Before you go asking questions let's assume that you can play for any team you want and you'd be fighting the Tie Domi that has been retired since 2006 and chilling with Mario in the owner's box. Not like it would matter in the fight's outcome anyways.


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