Kamis, 07 Januari 2010

What you missed last night while you were watching Sean Avery in Avatar

One is the star of Avatar, Sam Worthington. One is former Dallas Star, Sean Avery.

Flyers beat the Leafs, 6-2
: Dan Carcillo hadfought in this game. Ray Ferraro referred to him as "sideshow" Carcillo after the fight. I think thats a great nickname, Dan "Sideshow" Carcillo. During Carcillo's fight against Jamal Mayers (mayer's second of the night), the camera cut to Aaron Asham looking upset that he wasn't involved in the melee. It was endearing.

Wild beat the Flames, 4-1: Belanger had 2 goals. His first one was a super-duper change up. He one-timed a bouncing puck, that if he hit clean should have been a no joke easy goal, but instead it fluttered just past the outstretched Kipper leg.

Rangers win over the Stars, 5-2
: Sean Avery/Sam Worthington had a four point night, but considering that both teams actually pay his salary, shouldn't two of those points go to the Stars. We'll give them 2 assists, so its still a win for the Rangers.

Sharks beat the Blues, in OT, 2-1: Is Dany Heatly fast? He looked speedy as he pulled in away in OT on a breakaway. Nice finish too, high blocker, for the game winner.

Sabres beat the Lightning, 5-3: Are the Sabres underrated, overrated or rated? They are top of their division, but no one talks about them, so underrated?

Islanders win over the Avalanche, 3-2: This is better than Hossa's goal -

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