Senin, 04 Januari 2010

Weekend Wrap Up OR The Best of 2010, so far

2010 started off nicely enough with a good game and better fight at Fenway.

Then team USA was announced. At least those boys won't have the pressure of Canada.

Even if we don't beat Canada at the Olympics, at least we can beat them up.

Kovalev had 4 goals last night. His 4th was probably his nicest, mostly because his head is down most of the way.

The Penguins suck in 2010, but Crosby scored this nice wrister:

And then MAF gave up 5 goals. He's playing himself right to 3rd on the Canada goalie depth chart.

This goal by Toews is my favorite of the weekend. Because everyone on the Ducks forgets about him and he sneaks back door and also Kane, who makes the pass, is chewing on his mouth guard the whole time.

What did I miss?


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