Rabu, 13 Januari 2010

What you missed last night while you were making sure all your relatives in Haiti were safe

Hurricanes beat the Leafs, 4-2: Eric Staal scored a sweet backhand five-hole goal. Where have you been all season? Nikolei Kulemein scored the goal of the game cutting between, maybe 3, Canes defenders and beating Cam Ward.

Predators beat the Oilers, 5-3
: All the Oilers have to do for the rest of the season is get rid of cap hits (Souray) and decide whether to draft, Hall, Seguin, or Fowler. (When in doubt take the western canadien kid).

Thrashers beat the Senators, 6-1
: Somehow, Ottawa is still in play-off contention. The only game I remember them winning is when Kovalev had 4 goals.

Sharks beat the Coyotes, 3-1: Marleau is stil the man in San Jose.

Islanders shut-out the Red Wings, 6-0
: As an Islanders fan, that was fun to watch.

Devils shut-out and beat the Rangers in the shoot-out, 2-1: A lot of olympians were involved in this game. And then there was the shoot-out - just like the olympics! None of the Americans could score on the Swede, but the Czech did.

Lightning roll over the Capitals, 7-4: Downie and Ovechkin wanted to fight. Both took off there helmets because they wear half-shields and then Matt Bradley came in and ruined everything. I get it, you don't want your best scorer hurting his hands, but come on, he's the captain. Let him fight.

Flyers beat the Stars, 6-3
: Turco sucks.

Blues beat the BJs, 4-1
: Good game, good fights.

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