Senin, 25 Januari 2010

Ship B Sinking

Watching the Boston Bruins play this weekend killed any part of me that thought this team could make a run at the cup.

In 2 must win games they looked indifferent against the Senators and got smoked by the Hurricanes. Wideman can't hit the net or put a pass together. Chara hasn't brought any physical edge. Thomas is trying to do too much. Krejci is sleepwalking. Bergeron is the only one who is breaking a sweat. Not one Bruin forward sent a puck deep, not one Bruin defenseman put together a clean D-to-D pass, not one Bruin defenseman held the blue line during whatever offensive burst the Bruins could muster, not one Bruin forward beat his man to the puck, not one defenseman picked up a body in front of his net, and there wasn't one second of aggression from anyone on the roster. No fights, no scrums NOTHING. Forget about blocking shots! If it wasn't for Kathryn Tappen's breasts all would be lost. Thanks for showing up.

The Bruins are now in a log jam to sneak into the playoffs but in reality they aren't even in the conversation. It doesn't matter that we have 30+ games to play or that Savard returns or maybe that Begin, Bitz and Sturm are getting healthy. To be completely honest, if you are waiting for Steve Begin and Byron Bitz to come back to add a spark to your lineup then I don't know what to tell you. And don't tell me that Sturm will return and get paired with Savard to regain his scoring touch - we've been through that before.

The only thing the Bruins have going for them is that the rest of the teams involved in the race are whatever. But the Bruins don't deserve it. They don't play with heart and refuse to do the necessary things that winning teams do. The Islanders don't wow anyone with their lineup but those guys play balls out. I'm ready to see what picks the Bruins get this summer.

But I'm not giving up hope yet (because I'm a RETARD!).

How soon until the Olympics?

- Nemmy

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