Jumat, 08 Januari 2010

What you missed last night while kicking short or line drives

Canucks shut-out Coyotes, 4-0:
Alex Burrows will
be the first star of the week
You heard it here first.

Canadiens shut-out the Panthers, 2-0:
Who is the number
one tender in Montreal?
Trade the other one.

Capitals beat the Senators, 5-2:
Ovechkin scored his
first goal as captain. It was
a sweet backhand play.

BJs beat the Oilers, 4-2:
When 2 slumping teams
play, one gets out of said slump.
Steve Mason still sucks.

Blackhawks beat the Bruins, 5-2:
Of all the fire
power on the hawks, it was
Keith who scored nice. twice.

Flyers beat the Penguins, 7-4:
The Flyers should
have had 8, but 7 was
enough for the win.

Wings beat the Kings, 2-1
Howard's shut-out was
lost on a fluky bounce,
but Helm won it late

Predators beat the Hurricanes, 4-2:
The Canes should blow up
their team like the Flyers
did a few years back.

Thrashers beat the Rangers in the shoot-out, 2-1
Rich Peverly got
robbed twice during the game
by not Lunqvist. Who?

Ducks beat the Blues, 4-2
Nemmy texted me,
"Backes is ready." I love
him fighting Northers.

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