Selasa, 29 Desember 2009

Player of the Year/ Douchebag of the Year 2009

I've gone through great pains to select my player of the year 2009. I've decided that the honor should be based on:
1) performance post last season's All-Star break
2) anything in the off-season
3) performance this season so far
4) other shit

In keeping with my 2Man indie street cred I've decided to purposely think outside the box as it would be too easy to hand this honor over to Ovy or Crosby. While both players are more than deserving it just wouldn't be right for this blog.

My player of the year 2009 went along for the ride to the bottom with the awful Toronto Maple Leafs, the team he was traded to in early January. In late September this player was picked up by the Wings to be a soldier and so far has not disappointed. This guy has crashed, policed, and fought through 28 games this season filling a role as a combination of Aaron Downey and Dallas Drake. He has gone from performing a thankless role for a terrible team to a thankless role on a Stanley Cup contender. He is wildly entertaining because of his scrappy, on the edge style and I'm sure Datsyuk and company appreciate his 9 fights this season. For all that and for the fact that he's still ripping it up in his 19th season I would like to honor Brad May as the player of the year 2009.

Congrats, Brad May. Your award will be 12 buds if you ever want to stop by Tavern.

The Douchebag of 2009 needs no introduction. He was clearly the biggest loser of the due to his inability to act as if he has male testicles. Because his whiny voice almost ruined every Versus game he deserves to be honored as douchebag of the year. Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, the pussy from the Enterprise Rent A Car commercials:

"It's not expensive, Ma". Terrible.

The Asian lady can't believe she's in a commercial with Madea and this pussy.

- Nemmy

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