Senin, 14 Desember 2009

Weekend Wrap Up OR Will stable ownership undermine the Coyotes play-off run

There were some great goals this weekend. It all started with Bertuzzi's theres-no-room-up-there-but-ill-sneak-it-somehow overtime winner versus the Ducks.

He needed like an 85% wedge to get the puck up that quickly.

There were other sweet OT winners, like Havlat's goal. Kipper had a sick sick game, but who can defend a passing play like this?

Love the patience by Havlat.

Here's Kovy just doing what Kovy does. You can't give him time and space like this in OT. He'll win.

The great goal weekend ended on a nice note with Hossa catching a puck, then doing some infield practice on the Lightning keeper.

There were some saves too, but those are harder to find out youtube.

What did I miss?


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