Rabu, 23 Desember 2009

What you missed last night because only the west coast teams were playing

Sharks beat the Hawks, 3-2: Not to say that any of the goals that Huet gave up were soft, but he should have done better. He went down so early on Heatleys. I guess Thornton made a good shot. And Demers' release was quick, but I think that's a stoppable shot. And Nabakov was better. And right there, in 4 or so sentences, is the game.

Canucks beat the Predators, 4-1: Last night, when Paul Hornqvist beat Luonguo with a sweet backhand to ruin Lou's shut-out, Roberto did something interesting. He smacked the post with his stick. Well, thats not interesting, but I can't remember ever seeing him emotional mid or post game. I think this is a good thing.

Ducks beat the Avalanche, 4-2: Are the Ducks maddingly inconsistent or just shallow with flashes of brilliance? Was this a great comeback or a game they slept through and got lucky? Also, pick a starting keeper already and trade the other one!

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