Rabu, 16 Desember 2009

What you missed last night because there was seeing eye dog at the gym

I don't understand why the seeing-eye dog was at the gym. I couldn't even find the blind-person.

Blues beat the Flames, 4-3: The game winner from TJ Oshie was a sweet cross-bar and in wrist shot. The pass from Kariya to Oshie was even better. It was through sticks and legs and past another Blue's teammate. Sick vision from Paul.

Kings beat the Oilers, 3-2: I like everything about the Kings except their jerseys. Go back to the early 90s style. Thats it. Or go way back to the original Luc style. Don't half-ass it with some purple or make the third-jerseys all black. John Quicks helmet is sweet though.

Penguins beat the Flyers, 6-1: Have 2 coaches ever been replaced by the same team in the same season? How long can the Flyers wait before they can Laviollette? Or are they going to blow up the team like they did a few years back? Ok, ok I went a little too far there. Seriously though, the Flyers are mostly terrible the past month. Maybe they'll make a huge trade before the christmas break.

Capitals win over the Avalanche, 6-1: How can the Caps score 6 and Ovy not have 1? That just pisses me off.

Predators beat the Lightning, 7-4
: Was this game televised?

Wild beat the BJs, 2-1
: see above

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