Jumat, 15 Mei 2009

As you were furiously racing out of the bottom...

Thanks for ultimate Beer Pong. Scott and Green in the aftermath of Heavy Bike on my parents driveway with a suite at the bottom.
Yea so the Bruins lost. Nemy is pissed and the bottom is still no where in sight. Stick with turkey and a chipotle mayo until we find it. It's their own fault, they should have never let it get to 7. Detroit almost blew it as well. Game 7's are game 7's for a reason. I cannot believe that Scott Walker put it in. That was a negative hemoglobin shot for Nemy. It was his girlfriends bday yesterday and when Walker scored he turned and I didn't see him again until roller hockey that is slated for later.

The level...the shear level of snap toewys that will occur later barring rain, other roller games, kids and anything else that can possibly go wrong will be immense. That court is almost like my college locker room to me. Shirts off, tits up and blockers on!
If you had to choose a Carolina Dman and a Chicago Dman who would they be? Duncan Keith, Soupy, Babchuk, Corvo, Pitkanen? Black Guerin?
Leonard continues to predict Detroits domination over the rest of the NHL. As of right now, it looks as though it will be a rematch of last years cup with Marion Hossa on the other side this time. Imagine if they lose to the Penguins? That would be ridiculous. If they win, it just shows Hossa's proper choice. Anaheim made them look human. Is Chicago really ready to beat this team 4 times? Is Pitt or Carolina? Dan Cleary got it done last night. Imagine when Datsyuk gets going and Hossa ignites? Last night was the closest that they come to losing again until the playoffs next season. Yes I know...very bullish on Detroit.

Just a simple snap toewy for the road people.

This is probably a close representation of Nemy at work today a day after a second round game 7 loss. Just pushing it as far and wide as he can.

Nemy stormed out of the bar last night better than Timmy Thomas does after a shoot-out loss. No joke! My girlfriend just kept saying the whole cab ride back, "I feel so bad for Nemy! I feel so bad for him!" Than she made me a grill cheese before bed. Gotta love hockey and gotta love that girl.

Gotta hate that there is no puck on til Sunday afternoon.

Friends of the 2man Heals and Mac are heading in to town. Well you know how that goes.

Have a safe and a healthy weekend people.

- Zelli

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