Kamis, 28 Mei 2009


First off, thank goodness the Finals start this weekend and not next week like we originally thought. I just told Scotty how sick I am of reading countless articles about the Wings/Pens rematch. A week of being bent over and rammed with Marian Hossa stories would have been unbearable. The two best teams are in the Finals. Let's sit back and enjoy this one.

Now someone asked me this over Memorial Day weekend and I had about 12 different answers:

What's the best NHL city to play in?

Is it Detroit because they are the most talented team? Keep in mind that you'd be living in Detroit. Florida and LA have great weather but your team would be terrible. Toronto has the largest fanbase but again your team would be terrible and everyone (including certain members of the media) think they could do your job better than you. Weather, fanbase, locale, team strength - everything should be considered.

I can make arguments for and against every team. I didn't get into it too much with the guy who asked the question because he really wasn't a hockey guy he was just making small talk. I won't get into the whole thought process on this blog because I don't have 12 drinks in me BUT I think Dallas may be my city.

- Great town - drinking town
- Solid fanbase - not a hockey town per se but far from an LA, Florida or Long Island
- Talented team
- Better weather than Chicago or New York
- Closer to civilization than Calgary

What say you?

- Nemmy

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