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What you missed last night because your hospital room doesn't get VS

I bet Bressler never thought he'd miss hearing Joe Beninati's voice.

VAN 1, CHI 2 (OT) Series 2-2
The funny thing wasn't that hard-nosed Darcy Hordichuk got Vancouver on the board but that Rick Rypien set the play up with a Soupy-ish spin move in the high slot. Hordi definitely didn't puck the puck where he wanted to but got the point anyways. It was bizarro world in the 2nd period. In the 3rd, Marty Havlat who, with the proper haircut, could find himself on my fantasy team next year, put one past Luongo with the hockey equivalent of the the fade away jump shot. He was falling/diving forward and got a nice shot off. I dunno.

Andrew Ladd deflected a Dave Bolland shot from the right side late in OT for the winner. It was such an OT goal. Seriously when you close your eyes and think OT goal you know what I'm talking about. Dave Bolland also had a hand in the Havlat goal so there you go.

DET 6, ANA 3 Series 2-2
If anyone comes up to you today and wants to talk about this series just say Corey Perry and Johan Franzen are beasting. That's it. Agree to meet up for a beer later to discuss but there's no need to really go into details right then and there. Can we start calling him "Jo" Franzen? Yeah, that's better.

Perry's first goal was great because he comes in pretty much alone down the right side and spooks Osgood with a slight shoulder dip and puts a beauty low blocker for the goal. I'm pretty sure with the bionic playoff boner Perry has right now he could have put the puck anywhere he wanted to. He choose that old tried and true low blocker beauty. That's it right there. Dance with the girl that brought you to the prom.

We were talking the other night how a team like Detroit that isn't the toughest in the world responds when they get mauled by a rugged crew like Anaheim. Scotty said something to the fact that they don't need to out-face wash out anyone after the whistle. They just need to keep flying and getting those goals in traffic and all that other stuff gets less important. Solid analysis from Barbone. I don't know why he just called me frantically asking where I got the Ovechkin shirt that I gave him.

Back to the game. Franzen's first was from a drop pass in the slot. His second was a deflection where he ghosted across the crease at the perfect time. The first goal was set up because Filppula got the puck in the neutral zone and, instead of getting it over the red and deep, threw it back to his dman who took a look and hit Filpulla back as he was then streaking towards the blueline (Perry didn't have his stick in the lane). It was a regrouping pass without the regroup. Filpulla skates in, feels pressure, protects the puck and leaves it for Jo Franzen to blast one. When the Wings get going they make shit look like mens league.

Later Getzlaf and Perry connected for a goal, Samuelsson had a snipe, Hossa got 2 and Getzlaf and Perry hooked Scott Niedermayer up towards the end. There was a tussle towards the end of the 3rd but it didn't do much to change the momentum and the Wings cruised and evened the series.

Does it concern anyone that the Wings can put 6 up on the board without Datsyuk involved or Rafalksi on the ice?

Tonight the Bruins are tying shit up in Carolina and I want to see Ovy and Malkin destroy each other at the Igloo.

- Nemmy

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