Jumat, 15 Mei 2009

What you missed last night because you were fundraising for a 3-day breast cancer walk

Red Wings beat the Ducks 4-3, (DET wins series, 4-3): Nik Lidstrom had a sneaky bad game. He didn't clear out the front of the net or make great break out passes. Datsyuk still didn't score. And you know what - the Red Wings still won. It took a sick goal with great hand-eye coordination from Dan Cleary, but they won. Chris Osgood played pretty darn well also.

Hurricanes beat the Bruins in OT, 3-2 (CAR wins series 4-3): Well, that sucked. First of all regulation was great. Joni Pitkanin's pass to Sergei Samsonov was superb, so was Sarvard banking it off the side of the net to Lucic, whose sneaky quick hands got the puck upstairs quickly. In OT, it didn't look like the Bruins had it, but I also didn't think that Scott Walker would knock in a rebound of mid air. Nice sprint out by Tim Thomas - guess he forgot about the handshake.

I'll have the updated standings and picks in a post later today

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