Rabu, 20 Mei 2009

Juicing Scotty

Juicing Scotty came to visit Nemy on a lazy Sunday and vandalized his surroundings. This is what he looked like.Juicing Scotty might be necessary for the Hawks so that they can get back in the series. Darren Helm is the only reason it went to OT in the first place. Dan cleary is lighting the lamp which just leads me to believe that they are going to be so insurmountable. They rely on second tier guys like Samuelson and Hudler and Holmstrom to get scoring done when Datsyuk, Hossa and Zetterberg aren't doing it. Franzen is somewhere in between despite being a playoff meast but Cleary just makes it so hard to beat this team if he is scoring like this.
Juicing Scotty wants to to say yes to Memorial weekend. Yes to squats and hammer curls. No to deadlifts. Yes to back-hand snap toewys top shelf. No to men's league. No to saying they didn't receive my payment when I have the statement confirmation from Amex in my pocket. No to everything but sexual relations and the playoffs on Versus. Look at juicing Scotty's back muscles. Very real defined back muscles that Bress just loves. Hope your ok over in the east village Es?

This is Bress right now.

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