Selasa, 12 Mei 2009

What you missed last night while you were getting clearance to write "what you missed last night"

Blackhawks beat the Canucks, 7-5 (CHI wins series 4-2): Even if you missed the first 2 periods of this game (like I did), you still caught a hell of a game. Tied 3-3 going in to the third, there were lead changes, great saves, and young stars showing off. My favorite goal was Kane's third. And Edzo actually said something that added value to the replay. Kane subtly faked a wrist shot to open up the D-man and then stick handle and the sweet back hand and you know the rest - bar and in. Khabibulin played great, and not just great for a goalie who gave up 5 goals. Seriously. some of his saves were game-saving. I hope Chicago plays Detroit in the conference finals, just for some good old fashioned hate. However, I hope that Ducks/Wings series goes to 7 first.

Capitals beat the Penguins in OT, 5-4 (series tied 3-3): I was texting Nemmy updates of this game while he was at the new Shea, and it got out of control. Just like the third period of above, this game had the lead changes, great saves, young studs, etc. There is no way I could talk about all the goodness that this game was before my Percocet wears off. Is there anyone who watched this series and was a Crosby-hater beforehand and still has no respect for Sid? I can't believe that there would be. Kozlov's first goal was on of those snipes, where it takes a me a while to figure out how the puck physically got from the ice to the back of the net, so high so quickly - it boggles my mind. Hal Gill, really? I don't really care who wins game 7, but I'd rather that team face the Bruins then the Hurricanes.

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