Sabtu, 09 Mei 2009

Saturday and those who followed thru...

Featured here is Jay-Guard and Weens over something that we will bring back this summer once more time.

Last night we nested with Ness and than watched the Bruins crumble in game 4. Somebody is gonna light a match in that locker room and they'll get going. We followed thru on a bottle of Sky and than went to a usual spot of ours that was too crowded so we went somewhere else. Two budweisers each and a polite reference by the waitress of my inadequacy of a shirt which was ample, at least by my standards.

So Tsioma, Nemy and I got up and headed to the hospital around high noon today to visit Lester with a splitting headache and a sadness that lingers like the movie RoboCop does in my life. If you haven't seen this movie your reaction to Kurtwood Smith's character who also plays the dad in That 70s show plays a bad ass motha in this. Awesome!

One of the best sci-fi movies of American culture for all time...believe it or not...sneaky. Up there with Predator and Star Wars (Bress called Star Wars a Space Western which I really enjoyed). The only reason I bring it up is because Nemy is right when he said I cannot go more than a few days without bringing up Cop. See the movie if you haven't.

This is a car commerctial for the 6000 SUX fake sports ride in the movie. Yea I know. After this you get to see a Joe Sakic Snap Toewy.

Today after the hospital everyone was just phoned out for Bress so we called the Roller game, not that we had anyone really coming anyway. However I needed a skate so I rolled over to Houston St. and burned some rubber for a while. Bunch of nice kids over there and Timmy Robbins was out. I played with 3 other guys in a 4 on 4 garbage can with a Z-puck game and we rolled hard for liek 5 or 6 games straight unbeaten until the cotton mouth from my activity prior to the game led to an ultimate breakdown of breathing for me so well the streak ended.

Just as I was about to leave Tim Robbins and this other guy I know from my gym who is a die hard Penguins fan needed another for their skate so needless to say I had to play. Hit Tim with a sweet pass that he hit the edge of the can with from Way timed too. I than proceeded to fall and get some good razz action on my forearm. One guy on me team says thats a nice one and I looked at him and Tim and said at this point I don't even of my best buds broke his leg in two places in men's league and I'm a joke. I than gave Tim Robbins a pound and said, "It's an honor to play with you man, I really respect your work." Good sweat out there. Good Blueblockers, good jean shorts and 1000 dollars. Bress 1000 to you. Guy who sleufooted you and hasn't even tried to contact you even when Artem told their goalie the next night at another game what the results were on Bress, -1000 x 10.

People please submit what his punishment should be. Nothing physical but like maybe he buys Bress pizza every week til the cast comes off. Or a 6 pack a week. Or getting dropped off in Montauk naked in the middle of the night with no way of getting home after a carefully monitored schedule for weeks in advance by multiple people. Huge NYU hockey network in the big apple. Its awesome! Be safe tonight people. Throw a shot down for Nestea and Co.

- Nascency and Company

DK is comin for u dawg!

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