Jumat, 01 Mei 2009

What you missed last night because you were trying on shirts from J.Crew

Canucks beat the Blackhawks, 4-3 (lead series 1-0): This game was eerily similar to our men's league game the other night. One team takes a 3-0 lead, the other team comesback to tie it up, and the first team takes the win anyway. The only difference was that we lost in OT... and oh yea, the quality of play. No one on our men's league team can make a pass like Sundin to Demitra for the first goal or roof the puck like Kane did on his first. I like how the refs are sneaky putting their whistles away in third periods of tie games (except for too many men on the ice penalties). Did anyone else see Brian Campbell's totally unneccessary spin-o-rama in the third? Maybe its in his contract that he has to one at least once a game. Besides that, I actually noticed him,for the first time, for other stuff he did. He might have the best turn-away-from-a-forechecker-with-a-puck in the league. This game was a great way to start round 2. Enjoy the Ducks and Wings tonight.

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