Senin, 18 Mei 2009

Weekend Wrap Up OR Seriously, watch the Memorial Cup

If you have the NHL Network, watch the Memorial Cup. You might catch your teams' young prospects, or future draft picks. You will definitely see some great, inspired hockey.


there was only one NHL game on this weekend and the Red Wings kind of, sort of, dominated the Blackhawks. Instead of the Hawks exploding for offense in the third, it was the Wings who had 3 goals in the final period. Pat Kane was invisible. The game was somewhere between ugly and fast paced. There were a lot of good back checks. And Khabibulan had that string of sick saves in the second period when the Wings were on the power play. Both Cleary goals were nice, the snipe on the rush and then the great tip.

That what I saw. What did I miss?

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