Minggu, 03 Mei 2009

Nice Work, Dick

Way to go, Nemmy. Way to praise the Bruins for their effort. You didn't jinx the team or anything. Quick angry thoughts before I go to bed and/or assault a random stranger.
- Hard to tell the difference between the promos for the MTV Steve O drug addiction melt-down special and Andrew Ference's game highlights. Rusty players shouldn't get big minutes in this game.
- Stop freaking out about Eric Staal. The stats line doesn't show the whole story. I want to eat my own hand.
- Not one tape to tape pass from Chara tonight. Not one. I'm halfway out the window.

- Cam Ward was fantastic.

- In that ridiculous Enterprise rent-a-car commercial, why does the idiot dad rent a pickup truck to get supplies from the lumber yard? GET THE LUMBER DELIVERED. Watching the Bruins try to force soft passes through the neutral zone and watching some jackass rent a truck for the sole purpose of picking up some 2x4s is making my brain itch. I wish his daughter nails him with the hammer at the end.

- Thank Jesus the Family Guy we dvr'd was funny.

- And thank goodness it didn't take them 3 overtimes to lose.

- I'm not writing about the Bruins again until the season is over.

- Nemmy

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