Senin, 02 Maret 2009

What a game to fall asleep to in a snowstorm

Kiprusoff took the night off last night and gave up at the very least a game that should have been an overtime point. Got my fantasy team some much needed (Negative) points. Thanks Miika! Ahh ya can't get salty, he's put up an impressive '09 campaign thus far. Iginla with 5 points, recchi with 5 assists, Mikey Camma with a bunch along with Vinny and Marty St. Aggrippa chewin' up the line as well. You could just feel that game building with offensive energy as it went along.

When I see a box score like that one and you have most of the stars in one league or another from both teams involved, it's simply marvelloso. I see this when I see a box score like that one.

So the Dow Jones broke 7,000 and upside looks like me after a bottle of Cutty Sark so what we will do is take it slow out there because its wet and snowy here in NYC. So go home, get a quick pump in, crul up by the fire and watch the one game on tonight-bottom, Isles vs Avs and sip some hot cocoa.

Ahh...those were the days.
Great video find from 2man consultant Feign.

- Narnia

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