Jumat, 20 Maret 2009

Mario Lemiuex's Best Season was 199 points.

Nobody could find him that 200th point? Really? So Gretzky is the only one with that mark? Ahh whatever. Sidney Crosby in my video game season has 230 points in 63 games. Get some!!!!!!!

Alright, alright so I'm a Lebowski, your a Lebowski! On to other news. Finding value in a bear market correction. Where should you position yourself going forward into next season. Please have fun with these and don't put too much seriousness alongside it.

Well for starters, Vinny Lecavalier. Not even going to be points per game this year. Over 100 two years ago and 92 last season. You will be getting him at a good value and not too early in the draft. Vinny is Vinny! Tampa really cannot do much worse than they did this year so a nice little bottom may form with limited downside and massive upside.

AFAM - Almost Family Inc. Great nursing home play that was a favorite since the summer that has been pissed on as of late along with everything else other than gold, jeez. Might be starting another leg down but when and if the market continues some strength or the selling stops for at least a little bit you will have time to grab this thing because it won't move too closely with the overall market. Great revenue growth and old people will always need some help.

Danny Briere had 95 points two years ago and 72 last season. With that nagging injury he had, he will be taken freely om the open market at basement prices next draft. Don't forget him. Soooo much powerplay juice on that dynamic Philly unit. His flow is gone for this season but next season I think he grabs 70 points at the least.

MTN - Vail Mountain Resorts. A leisure time stock that without a doubt has gotten slammed from the recession. They declared a slow down obviosuly in their last call but I see potential, "POTENTIAL" double bottom in place around 14/15 bucks. Another stock that doesn't necessarily have to follow the overall market but with job layoffs and lower levels of money floating around the globe, people will go on less trips and so forth. The thing about Vail is it's customer loyalty and base of WEALTHY consumers. I mean yes the wealthy have been slammed but I was there a month ago and it was packed. I wouldn't grab it at 20 here but throw it on your screens.

Marian Gaborik - 66 points in 65 games three years ago followed by 57 points in 48 games the next season and 80 plus last season. This is when you grab Gabby. When there is NO downside after a season like this, if you can grab him 5th round and beyond you are robbing your league blind. Because at the worst is probably 60 points if he plays two thirds of the season which is highly likely but when you get him off a year like this when he is skiing in Vail with A-Rod nursing their injuries, you clean up and win leagues. brad and I will be watching each other closely next season to see who bites first and in which round. Bradly, I'll take him in the roto league, you get him in the head to head league so we hedge ourselves out.

JOYG - Joy Global juice, put on my map by Nemy awhile ago. Great company. Construction and machinery company that produces the equipment to extract coal out of the ground. EPS came in 3% better than expected by the street with year over year revenue growth of 40% which is huge in this doggard economy especially with construction and commodities. However with the fed buying America and injecting so much coin into the economy, Gold and all commodities in general should move up as the US dollar gets rammed in the ass. $20 stock that I feel could easily move back to the $40 area. Again, very tough to judge with the way of the overall market right now. BUCY, a competitor is even cheaper but I don't think quite as solid a company as JOYG but something to keep an eye on. This WILL follow the overall market so exposure is more dangerous but it has just been pampered.

Dany HEAT - 65 points right now in 70 games and is another victim of the credit crunch. Playing with Spezza, he is a lock next season for at least 45 goals and most likely will get back on pace with 50 goals. Soo much value next season with Heat. If you can get him in the second round you are outright stealing. Get some!

Heat Man from Mega Man 2

PG - Proctor & Gamble. You have all heard of this decaying titan. Probably could still get a little bit cheaper but has definitely come off a significant amount. Not as much value here as Dany Heatley will give you but again if the market even holds here, not even necessarily goes up, there can be upside. People will always need soap and toilet paper. It's a no brainer. Look for mainstay values at this point, I mean MSFT is at 17 bucks and GE is at 10. I'm too tired.

Jeff Carter - You have to talk about this guy. Looking at 80 points with near 80 pims and 800 faceoffs won at the end of this year. Will he duplicate this season? I don't think so but it will be close enough. Matty just sharted! To be honest, I am not taking him in the first or second round. I am going after Heat or Vinny or someone with a more proven track record. Plus Briere comes back for a full go next season and may take some juice away from him. Stay long Jeffrey Carter though because he is young and can score. He walked around Bergeron a few weeks ago like Matty would do in a St. Patty's Day Tourney to someone lesser than himself.
NFLX - I say you buy continued strength as you buy Jeff Carter however if we really need to be serious which we do because it's money, NFLX is at all-time highs and the market is poopy shawn. You have to say something about that conundrum. However many on the street see that as a sign of massive strength. Year over year revenue growth of almost 20%. If the market keeps up its bounce or begins an all out recovery, a strong stock through weakness is seen as a god. Personally, don't fight the trend but I feel that this is due for a rest. They offer a great product and I use their service. Blockbuster is finished apparently so stay long and strong if you must.


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