Rabu, 04 Maret 2009

What you missed last night while you were making sure you fax works and that your clocks were set to time.gov

So, similar to last year, I'll be do a quick analysis of every trade that goes down today.

Here are some quit hits about last nights game and what each team who played last night could use.

Canucks beat the Wild 4-2: The Wild should move Marian Gaborik. The Canucks need a puck-moving d-man.

Devils beat the Maple Leafs in OT, 3-2: I think the Devils should stand pat, with the Havelid acquisition. No reason to mess with the best team on ice the past week. The Maple Leafs will not get the picks or prospects they want for the garbage on that roster.

Flames beat the Senators, 6-3: The Flames always seem to need more scoring depth. The Senators obviously need some toughness as Jason Spezza was fighting last night.

Predators win over the Oilers in OT, 6-5: The Oilers need some veteran leadership after Moreau went down. The Predators could probably use scoring depth, like a 2nd or 3rd liner.

Red Wings shut-out the Blues, 5-0
: Regardless of last nights result, I don't see the Wings going far in the playoffs without some real goaltending. The Blues should probably stand pat. They are in the hunt, but have a good a young squad and shouldn't give up anything to lose in the first round to said Red Wings or Sharks.

Stars beat the Sharks, 4-1
: No need for the Sharks to add anything and mess up their great season. The Stars could use a stay-at-home-help-marty-out d-man.

Blackhawks win in OT over the Ducks, 3-2: The Ducks could stock pile some picks and prospects if they move their big guns. The Blackhawks need someone who has been through the play-offs to help out the kids.

Flyers beat the Bruins, 4-2: They Flyers could use some more cap room or they won't be able to add anyone. The Bruins need a small shake up. They have been faltering lately.

Penguins beat the Lightning, 3-1: The Kunitz deal is already paying off wonderfully for the Penguins and they get Sidney back soon. I'm not sure what else they want to do. The Lightning think they thet get back something for waivers, but they don't.

BJs beat the Kings, 5-4: The Jackets need a forward to help out Nash. The Kings should sit tight like the Blues and wait for next year.

Panthers beat the Thrashers, 4-3: The Panthers should hold onto Bouwmeester unless they can get a top 6 d-man in return. The Thrashers should blow their team up.

Hurricanes beat the Capitals, 5-2: The caps need a shake-up and probably a goaltender. The Hurricanes need to much.

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