Senin, 16 Maret 2009

Weekend Synopsis - Intestinal Fortitude

So yes, I did get dragged into a St. Patty's day tourney which required many wake ups in the early marn! We took a train out to Stamford, CT on Friday afternoon and got under the influence a bit which made the 7pm game interesting. Somehow we won 2-1 and I had the GWG as well as a d-pairing assist with Nemy on the first goal. This is what we looked like going into the first game.

Yea...exactly. It didn't get much better than that. We stopped at the G.A.C. (Glenbrook Athletic Club) where myself, a few guys from the team, Nemy's Dad and cousin all liquidated ourselves over $1.50 coldest beer in town repetitions. They go down so easily. We than proceeded back to the ice rink, up the road because games were going on all night and there was a bar upstairs that was just jumping with people who were super anxious to find there way down to the bottom as quickly as possible. Nemy and I got a ticket and joined the stampede.

Not too long after this addendum we piled into Nile's car and ransacked McDonalds.

About 10 orders of these and a few QP's and we were good and done. Asleep by 3:30 on Kinahan's floor and up at 7am to get to the 8am game which was a complete joke. The guys had pink jerseys on and we rolled over them like 7 or 8 nothing. Than it was St. Patty's day atmosphere all over town. Few beers, some bangers and mash and a 3 and a half hour nap and we were ready for the night game. Well we were almost late to the night game because our driver Brian Kinahan had to coach his youth team that wound up losing in overtime which was disappointing. The whole time, I was trying to hack into the computers in one of the offices to check my fantasy teams. I told you, it was a fantastic race to the bottom.

The night game was another joke and we rolled our way into the semi's.

We attempted to go out Saturday night but one Coor's light and 3 hours of sleep the night before were enough to shut th epower down on us and we crumbled like a house of cards, asleep by 1am. Well rested for the 9:45 am semi game which went to overtime. We went up 4-3 with one minute to go and me and nemy went out there to seal the hatch and water just came rushing in.

They scored to tie it with 45 secs to go. Not to spread blame but our goalie didn't make it easy on that one. A minute or so into OT one of our forwards took off on a virtual breakaway and I went with him to make sure even if he missed that it would get home. He scored and we went to the finals. 3 pieces of french toast and 2 eggs over easy later we played the finals. They scored first and it was 6-1 us by the end of the first. Bottom story of the year. Bukkake was our team name so every time we scored a goal everyone on the bench would scream Buuukakkkkee! Boookakakakaeeee! Through the lowest levels of the bottom did we drill to this weekend.

The best part of the weekend was after the game on Saturday night. I am quietly enjoying a beer outside with Nemy and two other guys from the team and some drunk idiot was outside waiting for his plane to depart to the bottom. He starts talking to me and than spots what looks like the end of a blunt in the cigarette tray and goes, no way! He picks it up and starts to smoke it. Turns out that it is clearly tobacco but he continues to smoke it for a little. Nemy looks at me as we all whince in disgust and goes, "That kid should be in jail."

So just when you think you can't dig any deeper, try again and really exercise your limits. Chop pos to everyone and a happy St. Patty's day!

Who the hell is Peter Mannino? Uhh...I just...

- Zellia

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