Jumat, 27 Maret 2009

What you missed last night because Nyquil knocked you the fuck out

Canadiens beat the Lightning in OT, 4-3:
2 point is 2 points.
Thats all the Canadiens
care about right now.

Coyotes beat the Oilers, 3-2:
Every team is
still in the play-off hunt out
west. Go Coyotes!

Blue Jackets shut-out the Flames, 5-0
All that O, and the
Flames can't score 2 nights in a
row. Mason is stud.

Blues win over the Canucks, 4-2:
If the Blues make the
play-offs, is Andy Murray
the coach of the year?

Thrashers beat the Rangers in shoot-out, 5-4:
Valiquette got his
first assist, but needed to
make one more great save.

Predators beat the Sharks, 3-2:
If the Predators
are in the post-season they
better win a round.

Kings shut-out the Stars and win in the shoot-out, 1-0
Even without the Nyquil,
I'm guessing this game would have
made me fall asleep

Panthers beat the Flyers, 4-2:
If Anderson keeps
winning, would he start the first
panthers play-off game?

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