Selasa, 17 Maret 2009

What you missed last night because you were pre-parading

Happy St. Patrick's Day. Try not to get puked on by a fireman at the parade.

Atlanta 5, DC 1
I didn't see this one coming. No Kovy or Mike Green but at least we had Joe Benninati and his entire lexicon on Versus. Colby Armstrong opened the scoring but all the work was done by Rich Peverley who danced through a disinterested Capitals D. The player of the game was the Kozlov on Atlanta who put in work on the right side of the Thrasher's power play. First he had a nasty PP snipe for the second goal and in the 2nd period he put a great saucer to Tobias Enstrom who scored from the point. He was about 6 feet away from Enstrom and his pass had 5 feet of loft. I'm exaggerating slightly. Ovy didn't get to 50 but took 10 shots and lost the puck on a mini break. It's hard to tell if he was pressing for his 50th because he always shoots like if he doesn't score his mother will get flogged by a sweaty Asian holding a kendo stick. Eric Fehr (?) broke the shutout with a little over a minute left to play which made me furious. If your goalie is pitching a shutout you better bear down and pick up some sticks.

Nashville 4, LA 3
Hope you didn't stay up expecting to watch Quick vs. Rinne in a young goalie battle. Instead you had Erik Ersberg hung out to dry for LA and PPGs from Joel Ward and Teddy Purcell. Yep, Joel Ward and Teddy Purcell are getting powerplay minutes for Nashville and LA. But really this game was a pretty good one. Ward's goal came from a sick backhand almost no-look pass from JP Dumont who had 2As on the night and Ryan Jones - who was left unchecked in front of Ersberg - scored late in the 3rd period for the winner. Lazy D late in the 3rd = garbage.

Scotty summed up the weekend yesterday but here is a youtube clip that gets down to the same point. This guy played in net agianst us in the semis and made $100 for this stunt during one of the other matches. The best part is when he trips over the the toe pick on the rental figure skates. Enjoy before youtube takes this down.


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