Kamis, 05 Maret 2009

What you missed last night while you were packing your bags and catching a flight to where ever your new team is playing

Three of the four teams playing last night did not make a move on deadline day. NHL conspiracy or coincidence?

Team that won in the deadline yesterday: Phoenix - got rid of some guys, but collected big time on picks and speed.
Team that lost the deadline: Rangers/Philly - The Philly deals made no sense and the Rangers gave up a lot for not much.
Surprise team that didn't make a move: Washington/Colorado - I thought the Caps would at least look to get a more capable back up behind Theodore and 5-6 D-man. How did the the Avalanche not move one of there older UFAs?
Non-surprise team that didn't make a move: Red Wings - no reason to mess with that and there was no goalie on the market to blow them away.
Surprise team that made moves: San Jose - Even if Grier is out, I don't think Travis Moen really fills that role.
Non Surprise team that made moves: Calgary - With Cammaleri on his way out, Sutter knew this was the year to make another run.

Onto last nights games:

Sabres beat the Canadiens, 5-1
: The Canadiens should also be a surprise team for not making any moves. They are kind of slow (or Buffalo is just that fast). Lalime stepped up his game (no Tellqvist!).

Red Wings beat the Avalanche, 3-2: And now Detroit is the top team in the league. Where did that come from? Wow.

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