Selasa, 24 Maret 2009

What you missed last night while you were learning the samba with LT

Flames beat the Red Wings, 5-3: Chris Osgood got pulled after giving up 3 goals on 14 shots. Thats bad in itself, but have you seen the goals? Two of them were banked off Osgood and the other, well, he just should have had it. Think about Osgood's career arc in Detroit: Goat (losing the sharks in 7 games>contributor (Wings win cup with him)>hero (last years cup win)>possible goat again. Also, did anyone see Nik Lidstrom's neutral zone slap pass to Maltby? Silly.

Flyers beat the Devils, 4-2: Jeff Carter was trade bait last year and now he has 40 goals. A little patience goes a long way. The Devils now look like last weeks Bruins and the Flyers look like last years team. That is good stuff for Philly fans. Also, how good of a hockey name is Darren Powe? Awesome.

Hurricanes beat the Panthers, in OT, 3-2: The Panthers got a point, but are falling apart down the stretch. Its unfortunate. I want to see them in the playoffs. They have good youth and smart veterans and good keepers. Seriously, Carolina is playing super good hockey right now and will probably upset someone in the first round of the playoffs. Ray Whitney, one-timer, was the game winner. The pass was from Joni Pitkanen, who faked a slap shot and passed it cross-zone.

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