Kamis, 12 Maret 2009

Pixalated Images of Leonard the Cat and his travels to the South Seas

Leonard was a businessman. Not a family man. He spent a good portion of his life on the road...selling. Clearly a true and devout champion of his time, Leonard finished atop his class at Cambridge where he dabbled in the likes of complacency studies and the art of wine tasting. Truly a man's man with a keen sense of things.

Don't kid yourself though, despite listening to Lionel Richie a little to often in the bath, he has a way in situations. Look at him for a second. High, thick collar with a squint that could kill a man, literally. Like Michael Green atop the powerplay point in W d.c. sensing Ovy is creeping back-door for the drop shot.

The reason I ran off about Leonard Skrastins the III making negative sense to you all is that I am currently watching the Senators play the Lightning in which used to not be bottom racing.com of the east but just a few years back. It conjured up old thoughts about Leonard and his frequent domination over my mind.

Off of Leonard for a second and onto the 11:30 men's league we have in a few hours. Somebody end my life. I have no excuse not to be there so I will cowboy up or Nemy might break into my apartment and make me listen to The DropKick Murphy's or even Beck. I had like 5 albums from Beck and deleted all but 4 songs tonight after finally listening to them. Really? Does anyone listen to Phil Collins anymore. Throw Duke on while watching the Hurricane Hawks game and see how you respond and no jacket is required people.

What are your top songs to throw on while sifting through fantasy sports or playing NHL 09?
What gets you ready to play the game? What did you like listening to before a college game? What can you throw on to go skate by yourself, ipod under the shirt and just let it out?

My top 10, in no particular order:
(1) Barry White - Let The Music Play
(2) Bob Marley - Satisfy My Soul
(3) Pearl Jam - Oceans
(4) Hall & Oates - Private Eyes
(5) Ludacris - One More Drink
(6) Jack Johnson - Holes To Heaven
(7) MegaMan 2 - BubbleMan Level (For those whose Head just exploded)

That level is so soothing with the music and the water.

(8) Phil Collins - Don't Lose My Number
(9) The Pretenders - Don't Get Me Wrong
(10) Stone Temple Pilots - Wicked Garden

Excuse me while I suck my girlfriends face off for a second!

And we're back. Have you ever just felt like you haven't done anything at work for a REALLY LONG TIME? Wow. I mean...seriously at this point. If Tony Tanti doesn't come into my office and slap the shit out of me soon, I may defect to the Czech Republic with Petr Klima.

Tony Tanti of the foreground.

What does everyone think of Anti Niemi? Just gonna leave that one on the table.

Devils - Flames Stanley Cup Finals?

This is my good friend Santa Barbaris. Leader of the Malignant Fools.

Is anyone a big Scottie Hartnell Fan? Nemy just can't stand his after the whistle antics. So much L'Oreal flow going on and alot of snot to boot. Could be best point/pim man this year. Has anyone seen any of my fantasy teams this year? I think they were lost in the swamps of Sadness. Gmork got to them like he always does. To whomever has the courage and the balls to go back 20 years.

And if you really wanna get some.

And to those who have simply had enough of this mid-week rant about absolutely nothing. I commend for getting this far. Have a good rest of the week and walk as tall as possible over the weekend with a swagger resembling that of only Jeff Wechsler.

- Barnapolis

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