Selasa, 03 Maret 2009

What you missed last night while you were stuck in the snowstorm

So, yeah, I missed doing a weekend wrap up yesterday - sorry. Scotty, pretty much summed up my feelings anyway. Last night on Versus, the only game in the entire league and it accurately was... a race to the bottom.

Islanders beat the Avalanche, 4-2: It was a good night to be an Islander fan. Well not, if you had tickets and were trying to get to the game. Note to Versus - don't use arena-wide shots at the Coliseum, its just depressing to see that many empty seats. Also note to Versus - why would you put the Islanders color guy, Billy Jaffe on sideline duty? Anyway, here's who scored for the Islanders Dean McCammond (rocking the "A" - a strong move of respect to the vet), Jesse Joensuu (pronounce yo-en-su), Bruno Gervais (the eventual GWG), and Jeff Tambellini (not in a shoot-out!). Ryan Smyth had both goals for the Avalanche and they were Smyth-esque to say the least, right on top of the goalie, just stuffing them in. Anyway, besides McCammond, the rest of the Islanders that scored are young, and how they scored were prime examples of what they could be in the future. Jess J. (not spelling that name again) played his first game in the NHL. Hes a huge Finnish kid with a ridiculous shot. He shared a van with us in training camp and I think I scared him because I knew who he was. Anyway he played pretty well last night for his 4th game in 4 days (thank you AHL schedule). He crashed the net (he's a big body, its good to see he doesn't have Bertuzzi-itis) and shot the puck. His goal was a simple rebound put back. Bruno's goal was the result of him seeing the opportunity to jump in the play and a great shot on net by Jon Sim, a rebound was right on Bruno's tape. The Truth's goal was a great little toe drag and snipe - bar and in. Hopefully this win doesn't affect the Isles number 1 draft pick hopes. And for gosh sakes who the hell is Billy Guering getting traded to?

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