Sabtu, 28 Februari 2009

Juicing because we must...

So last night 2man producer/manager Daniel Ess Louis Leston the 19th came over with Nemy to discuss the vision of The 2man Advantage. Actually they came over to watch some hockey and drink some bud heavies that filled up a bag outside my apartment that I saw today, that was ample might I say. I woke up feeling clean and unused around 11 am. Immediately to the bathroom to explode and let out some budweiser, than to fantasy, than to video game hockey than to the roller courts on 6th ave and Houston Street. I needed a skate to clear out some of the mac and cheese I destroyed before bed last night.

I rolled up to the courts and they were packed. A full game with multiple 4 on 4 teams playing. Tim Robbins was even there. Out on wheels and really involving himself. Long flowing old white hair. Good strong effort though. I'm sure he will fit into the picture at some point. Sometimes you just know. I got on and ran the table for a few games until I was so out of breath that I went home and passed out on my couch with my skates on. Never been that out of shape in my entire life. I really have to stop putting the bad in me.
Than I showered and made a 5:10 train to Long Island as the doors were shutting, no joke AS the doors were closing. Jumped off the uptwon A train at 5:09 and like 24 seconds and booked like Booker T down the stairs and all the way down to track 14. I glanced at the big board as I ran down the stairs to see what track I was on and some guy felt my need for aid and screamed out...Track 14 dude...go! go! go! Explosive moment of the week by the way. Back on LI. Gotta catch a flight on the GiaJet express. I got 1st class seats to the ressurection with Mel.

I miss you. Please come home to me.

- Screwdriver down

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