Jumat, 06 Februari 2009

Before you hit the gym before hitting the bar

Check out the Islanders website and Itv under the 'Multimedia' tab for the Friday 2 Man Advantage weekly show where we introduce some features filmed by the Itv crew. The Islanders streak ended at 4 games but Scotty's streak of wearing sunglasses during taping is approaching 5 weeks strong.

What the hell happened this week?

Seriously, the last few weeks have been excellent without mentioning Sean Avery. Way to possibly jam everything up down the stretch, Rangers.

Best case scenario for tonight:
Get out of work around 4, hit the gym hard like Ronnie Coleman
Saddle up to your bar for the Jackets/Pens game at 7:30
Buds, 2 slices of pizza and shots of something from a plastic bottle
Rangers/Stars at 8:30 on the bar's other TV
Take home a girl who has eyebrows like Jennifer Connelly

Don't get out of bed and watch the Flyers/Bruins at 1 the next day.
No shower and sweatpants for Ducks/Flames or Oil/Wings.
Call that chick with the sexy eyebrows and tell her you had a great time and see if she'd be interested in getting some dinner and watching HNIC.

If she says no then you shoot up to Boston and have drinks with Cornelius and Frasier Crane.

Go hard or go home.


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