Rabu, 11 Februari 2009

What you missed last night because you took a nap and then went to bed really really really early

I was beat last night for some reason and woke up to various text messages about various games.

Panthers come back to beat the Maple Leafs in OT, 4-3: Everyone talks about this being the 1 year anniversary of tying goal and game winning goal scorer Richard Zednik getting sliced open like a horror movie victim. Why does everyone have to ruin Richard's night by bringing it up? Also, the pass from Stillman was perfect and a sneaky no look. Someone talk to that guy.

Canucks beat the Blues, 6-4: And Mats Sundin is finally showing up!

Sharks beat the Bruins, 5-2
: Text from Nemmy: "No more posts for me from home. I threw my laptop into my bathroom. Thanks, dickhead Ryan Clowe"

Red Wings win over the Predators, 5-3
: The Red Wings seem to score a lot of backhanded goals. Also, I was surprised to see Datysuk not pass the puck over the Zetterberg on the empty net to get him at hat trick. Is someone jealous over someones extension?

Kings beat the Islanders in the shoot-out, 4-3: After the first Nemmy wrote, "Guerin still gets excited when his line scores." Post game Midas wrote, "Big kings win!"

BJs shut-out the Avalanche, 3-0
: Who is Dan Lacosta (he got the shut-out last night). According to HockeyDB, he is 23 years old from New Foundland. A third round pick in 2004 and may have stolen the backup job from Dubie.

Thrashers beat the Lightning, 3-2: Dear NHL, get some laser technology between the posts so you can freaking be sure if its a goal or not. Get some x-ray goal cams, I don't care. Get it right!

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