Kamis, 12 Februari 2009

It's Thursday and that Grappa from last nite is coarsing thru me

So last night I went to Valentines dinner with my girlfriend because she is leaving NYC for a few weeks and we wanted to get some and so we did. Before retiring to the bedroom to talk things over we watched the conclusion of the Rangers Caps game. When Ovy went, she shouted, "Hey it's Ovalchuk!" One of the cutest things she's done. What's amazing is that I explain it to her that she has combined two Russian superstars being obviously Ovy and Kovy. I tell her, "Don't change it...ever!" One of those small good things...you know?

The two together is simply this animal of the deep.

So Paddock is blaming Murray for the Senators woes? Why? The team is having an off year, it happens. Look at the New York Islanders. You'll work it out in time. Stop pointing fingers, it helps NOBODY!!!!! The two of them should sit down with a tall glass of Jamison with a lot of ice and simply see what the two minds, (not arguing and blaming) can come up with.

How about Zach Parise, Zajac and Langenbrunner. They are Carter Beauford right now simply put. If the Devils can snag a puck-moving, powerplay point type defenseman...things get interesting over there. That team is Real Good.

They have two (A) scoring lines. A bunch of healthy lower line depth with plenty of scrappers, not to mention Marty coming back soon.
This was interesting the other day. Aside from the Dry Bulk Index (BDI) being up consistently until today for a good long while I had a moment on the subway the other day. This chubby old guy was on the platform at 34th street waiting for the train to stop. Now this cracked out (not a bum) but way messed up dude shows up on the watch the gap yellow caution line as the cubby guy shows up so they bump each other slightly. Almost as if the crazy guy wanted it to happen so he could start some shit. We get on the train and this crazy guy wouldn't let it go. He was like, "Yo don't be doin that shit to ME!" He even walked over to the guy who has his head down doing the right thing by ignoring him and pokes his glasses, like he actually touched him and the chubby guy doesn't even flinch. The crazy guy moves a few feet away and continues muttering to the guy much like I do after a bad trade or a bad men's league game. Now here's the rub...the crazy guy is out of line, clearly, it's just unecessary what he is doing and I am standing in the middle of them by one of the subway doors. What the crazy guy doesn't realize is that I JUST lost 12,000 dollars on a trade not but a few hours ago and I am piping with rage. PIPING! Like sweet saliccia right out of the ovem over a bed of rigatz. This is who is on the downtown B train.
It is not somewhat controlled sane Scotty. Its Arzonus. My chest is breathing fast up and down because I sneaky want to have to protect the chubby guy from this lunatic and release SOOO much stress. Nothing happened! However had he made a move toard the guy, with a sneaky big Aeropostale sweat shirt on like GIO would wear to conceal his Canons, I had a similar thing going on. I would have pile driven this guy so deep and hard into the shag of the subway car, that the prospects of a gun or knife never would have come out because he would have been pancaked into the floor. Matty would not have stopped laughing for a year, every morning in the shower he would laugh for a few secs if this happened.
So I'm a Lebowski, you're a Lebowski when does it end..uhh don't make a maniac out of me. In other news, the education companies finally kicked the bucket today on inline earnings from Strayer and a lower forecast from New Oriental Education. Yea..you couldn't see that coming. Steve Ott raised guidance and sees a promising outlook, and Antero Nittymaki has locked in the job in philly right now as fantasy owners sold the news in classic form as the tech heavy Nasi gave back 4%. Stop me at any point when you just can't see it anymore. Dan Lacosta? What? I just...can't.
The other night I woke Amber up in the middle of the night because of the dream I had. Back in college, in the locker room before we headed onto the ice Nemy would always be at the door with our goalie and without missing this one time all season, he would scream, "Where's Scotty?" I would hustle up to the door, than and only than would we head out to play. I woke up screaming, "I'm here!" The good ole days. Chicken quesadilla from Cosmic Cantina with Mase. Has anyone tried to drink a white russian every time Lebowski does and do the other thing when he does as well? What a game to play, what a night it was.
- Narzellius

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