Rabu, 25 Februari 2009

The Land of Barbonin

When the Hittites and the Menanites came over from Jerusalem, Mike Richards was born. Power "I" Richards as he was deemed by Camille (Pic below), the God of sick back hand toewy's top shelf in a hurry. He found young Mike strung out in a field near a basket of cale. He raised him as his own. Teaching him the ways of the sick back hand toewy top shelf in a hurry. He forced Mike to run between towns fetching produce and lumber to create the means to go top shelf in a hurry. Today we see Mike Richards in his highest form. His most pronounced definition of Mike Richards. The man has hustle and flow unlike most in the NHL. The ways of Mike Richards are a by-product of years of 3 Olives and mere patience to explode that moment when it presents itself.Camille currently has 139 points in 18 men's league games. A.K.A. blogger name Mr. W is a mean animal when he wants to be.

On to other news or once I landed in real life on Wednesday morning - My trip skiing to Colorado ended well. The last few runs, down the mountain my brother and I were moving upwards of at least 50 mph and could have reached 70 at some point. This is not an uncommon speed for very experienced skiiers by the way, Bress/Nemy. I mean we were going so fast and I had Nemy's BlueBlockers on that I couldn't see and had to stop because of the wind making my eyes so watery. If you are going to bomb on skiis, make sure you use your goggles just in case despite the weather outside. If your going to lumber down the mountain, then break the glasses out. The pic above is one taken from a peak at Vail which was just awesome.

On the way back to New York, I spotted Billy Mays in the security line behind us with his wife. He was so Billy Mays and to be honest he had no idea.

For those of you who don't recognize him by name.

Sitting in first class on our flight was Brian Engblom. Of course I gave him a 2man card and explained my side of it. He was kind and interested and somewhat surprised, I have to believe. Wish he still had a sick mullet!

While on the flight, I began to think about things. Why is Brind'Amour having such a low season? Here's why. He makes a nice play to get someone a goal last night against Ottawa and than the same shift turns it over at his own blue line and Chris Kelly snipes. Turning a nice positive into momentum shifting to the downside. His sack isn't fully there right now. Carolina may make the playoffs with Miller down and the Rangers racing furiously to the bottom. Be that as it may, i think rod may step it up on the playoffs. We'll let's be serious, I hope he will. Still leading the league in Faceoffs won though.

That was crazy though. 3 goals in like a minute last night in that game followed by Bushy Alf soaring thru the neutral zone and getting Dany Heat the puck to bury. Watch that goal and you will 100 percent see why Alfreddson is who he is. What strides man. Seriously!

Does Patty Lalime hold it down for the Sabres? Not well at least. He let in his first goal against on his second shot last night. That just has bad omens and 666's written all over it. Papa Shango is not impressed.

Do the Penguins get it together? To be honest I think they will clean themselves up and get into the playoffs but I also think they should go after another winger like they did with Hossa last season. Gonchaaaa is back and that adds powerplay value so you don't need to use Ryan Shannon at the point on your powerplay like Ottawa has been doing. Good or bad, it's just weird, that's all I'm saying.

Conundrum 717: On one of my fantasy teams, I have Mike Mckenna/Kari Ramo and Joey Mac/Yann Danis. At times, I didn't know who would be starting. They rarely let you know on TSN or yahoo so its a guess. However I figured out on my own that you can check a few minutes before game time on the box score and they will list on yahoo who is in net. No more guessing. Not that these goalies are going to lead us back to the land of Canaan however it is points and we are on a dog lay left here entering the turn and I already drank 9 beers. At this point I'm aiming 90 degrees to the left of my normal shot to compensate for the worst drunk slice since arboretum.


A quick synopsis of my Wednesday. Please get some!

- Luscious Barzell

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